Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Why The Rush To Reopen Schools In Mexico?


It's going to be one of those blog posts.  The question raised is, "Why the rush to reopen schools in Mexico?"  The state and local elections are coming up on June 6th and they are going to be fierce.  Many political parties are vying for the same slots.  Sr. Presidente wants schools to open right away for a couple of reasons.

1)  To show he has the pandemic under control.  440,000 deaths and only 15,000,000 doses of vaccine applied.

2)  Polling stations are in schools.  He needs them to be opened, cleaned, and ready for voting.

3)  Rushing this week to administer a single dose vaccine to all teachers so that he can keep his promise of opening the schools, the economy, and by doing that keep his party in power.

There are now six candidates in his party that have been accused and a couple of them jailed for sexual abuse against women and minor boys and girls.  He has kept one of the candidates, Salgado Macedonio, in the race even though he has been officially kicked out by the federal and state election boards in the state of Guerrero.  He has been accused of raping three women.  Another candidate, who is now in jail awaiting trial, supposedly drugged and abused young men while luring them with promises of jobs and money.

Parents are not in favor of returning to school as we are expecting the third wave of the coronavirus.  Sr. Presidente says we are in the all-clear and returning to normalcy.  Okay?

Why would you want to return to school now in the month of May or even mid-May (waiting for the vaccine to kick in) only to have one month of classes before summer vacation?  Don't take away the summer vacation, there will be riots all over the country (students, parents and teachers).

On a lighter note, we sold our land in Allende.  I'm not sure I mentioned that.  We signed a contract at the notary and received the down payment.  The deal will be complete in two to three weeks more.

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