Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Juan's Health - Update


On the road to recovery.  The results of the electroencephalogram came back and the neurologist came to visit last night.  All tests came back negative so there is no brain damage.  His heart is in great shape and his paralysis is 95% gone.

His official diagnosis is syncope and collapse.  This normally involves a heart condition but this is what the doctor's report states:  ´

A lack of blood or oxygen to the reticular activating system or both hemispheres of the brain leading to syncope and collapse.  

This caused him to faint apparently getting up too fast and being dehydrated.  Then the rest happened.  

One more day so that the neurologist can go over the results and charts with the head doctor.  The neurologist says he will have a complete recovery but needs rest which he is not getting here.  He has breakfast at 6:30 so that will be changed to 8:30 so he can sleep longer and also a restriction on visitors and the amount of time they stay.  

I'm going home this morning and will come back to spend the night.