Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mazatlan - The Rest of the Story

Here we went and came back from Mazatlan but I never finished the story.  It was great and a great time had by all.   The big get together at Contessa and Colin's was a big blow out.  The food was served potluck and everyone brought a dish that was not only attractive but very delicious too.   We started out with  a delicious smoked marlin and cheddar cheese hors d' oeuvre.   The place was packed and it was just lots of great conversation all night.  I didn't get to make the rounds as I should have but sharing ideas, laughs and a few guffaws were heard throughout the night.

Birthday Boy!

Juan and Colin setting off a lantern to light the night! 

Another pic of our hotel Maria Coral.  I just got a price update and it is still available for $30 u.S. per night.  It's a real deal, right on the beach, with pool and wonderful restaurant.

Sunday we went to a show at the Angela Peralta City Theater.   They have a series of shows including opera, symphony, and singers.  This was an a cappella group who sang and performed for over an hour.  They're young, dynamic and have a wide range of pieces that they do in both Spanish and English.  The best part was the Negro spirituals.  Fantastic.  We were a bit leery about the show at 300 pesos a piece.   Way too cheap for what these guys can do.

After the show we walked through the Plaza Machado and found a wonderful restaurant for lunch.   I really chowed down.   The company (Colin, Contessa, Juan) was the best along with the conversation.  We ordered a pizza that I thought was the best.  A wonderful homemade crust.

Monday morning we lazed around before heading to the airport.  Colin and Contessa gave us a ride.  We took the newly paved road to the airport.   There is a discussion on about whether it is really paved all the way to the park.  The road, eight miles (?) is paved with one small part at the beginning where the golf course is.  Granted, once you get to the area of the Isla where people live, there are sandy streets but they do not inhibit rv travel.   So for me, the road to the Isla is paved.

We got to the airport, said our goodbyes and off we went.  Or we thought so.  Our flight had been delayed two hours.  We headed to a restaurant and had a very pricey lunch while we played with the internet.

It was great to see almost everyone while we were there at the rv parks.   Wish we could have stayed longer and for what we paid we may just do it again.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mazatlan - Friday

Main Plaza in Mazatlan

Tres Amigos Rv 2 from our hotel (heavy fog)

Last night we went to an evening of jazz at El Velero restaurant here on the beach at the Isla.  We went fashionable late although we had walked through the place (a giant palapa) about an hour earlier on our return from a walk around a good part of Isla.   We waved going through without stopping because we were pretty sweaty and stinky.   We headed back to the hotel along the beach and ran into Contessa and Colin.   They were ready to party and said we take a quick shower and head back.

Quite a few rvers showed up so it was great saying hi to many we haven't seen since last year and to meet a few that were from past years or simply visiting rving friends.  We had a wonderful dinner.   I ordered the best shrimp quesadillas ever that came with rice and beans wonderfully served with lots of fresh chopped pico de gallo.  

I hadn't had a vodka for a couple of days (yeah, what's that all about) so the two that I had there were not only well-served but cold and inviting.   We hung out and after dinner headed back down the beach.   Stopping in for a night cap at Contessa and Colin's made for a great close to the evening.  

The hotel had told us that the wifi was only available from the lobby and the pool area.  We've had an excellent signal from our room with the exception of a few minutes this afternoon.

Tonight (Saturday), is the big get together at RV1 at Contessa and Colin's site.  Lots of sharing, drinking and eating will take place.  Today was fun.  We walked up to the lighthouse for our exercise.   Record time for us of 12.5 minutes up which is half the recommended time.  We had a taco after we came down from a street vendor that is located across the street from the lighthouse in front of the secondary school.  Fantastic!   Off on the bus to go to the market where first checked out the cakes at La Panamá bakery across the street before heading in for a shrimp burger.   We split a burger and a quesadilla.   Again, Toni´s shrimp burgers are the best. 

Off to the party!!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekend In Mazatlan

What a great deal not to mention the weather.   We chose VivaAerobus which is a Mexican discount airline.  The tickets for two, round trip were $89.   We booked direct on their website.   VivaAerobus uses Airbus A-320 aircraft and the seats are a bit tight but not uncomfortable.   I was able to nap for the first 30 minutes without any issues.  Downside is that there is no open bar or snacks.  They have a great menu with nothing over $6 for a full meal deal.   Drinks are also served at a cost of 50 pesos mixed cocktail and 45 pesos for a beer.  They have a strict check-in policy, two hours prior on all domestic flights.  That said, they are always on time.  

Our flight was one hour and we took a taxi from the airport to the hotel.  In total, from take off to the hotel was a total of two hours.  Pretty neat considering the cost of driving two days, gas and rv park.  We headed over to Contessa and Colin's to say hi.   Good to see all the rvers.  We stopped in to see Ferne and her new rv which is really very luxurious and comfortable.  

The hotel, Maria Coral, sits in between both of the Tres Amigo rv parks, 1 & 2.  I booked that on Travelocity for $35 a night.   It's right on the beach and as you can see from the picture, has a great pool and palapa.   We had breakfast outside this morning.  Very well-served, great service and delicious.   I love homemade hash browns.  Breakfast for two with a carafe of coffee was $7.95.  

The room is adequate for the price, new, clean and shiny.  Two beds, a huge bath with balcony overlooking the pool.   There is also cable television and very good A/C/  Downsides are no room phone, blow dryer or coffee maker.  That said, I went downstairs at 6 a.m. and asked the desk clerk for coffee.  He said the restaurant didn't open until 8 a.m. but he would put on a pot of coffee.   I returned 20 minutes later to a tray with cups/saucers, a carafe of coffee and the cream and sugars.  The price was 20 pesos.  Well worth the walk down one flight of stairs.

This morning was visiting Sue and Jerry at RV2, walking on the beach and of course a nap.   We are off to a jazz gathering at the El Valero restaurant here on the beach.  You've got to love the Isla.  It's so convenient.   We can have a few drinks and walk down the beach tonight to get back to the hotel.

Tomorrow, we are climbing up to the lighthouse for some exercise.  Then a trip into town to visit a co-worker and then there is a potluck dinner in the evening.  Colin has put together a fun pack of rafts, flippers, snorkels and masks.   We'll get in the water and splash around and hope to get a good picture of us in the gear.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Upcoming Trips - Mazatlan & San Luis Potosi

I was in Mexico City last week.  It was interesting seeing the difference in gas prices from one zone of the largest American city.   Also the simple fact that everyone seems to have a new car.   According to statistics about 75% of all new cars are financed in Mexico.   Interest rates for cars as well as homes has dropped considerably over the years.   Good trip.  I left Thursday at 7 p.m. and took a flight the next day at 5 p.m. coming back home.  The only problem was that it was Friday and airport traffic is always heavy not to mention the cold, rain and fog in Monterrey that caused us to circle for over half an hour.  Free cocktails and snacks as always though which makes for a relaxing flight.

Trumpa Loompa has been on a roll with his executive orders.  We all know that other presidents have done more in their first few weeks but not orders that affect the whole planet.   Sounds weird, doesn't it?  The whole planet.   He hits hard when he thinks he's winning but he's a sore loser.   His sidekick KellyAnne likes circumvent questions by using the comparison tactic.   Mention something Trump has done and she'll bring up Clinton or Obama.   Quick talking salespersons in my book,   Polls are running at 40% out the door after just two weeks to impeach the bastard.   I've said it all along.  How could anyone vote for a man that said the things about women that spewed from his mouth?  Man or woman, it's not acceptable.  KellyAnne likes to use the Clinton line.  Clinton should have been impeached for his affair inside the White House.   

We have a couple of fun trips coming up.   Juan's birthday is in February.  I booked a flight and hotel for Mazatlan next weekend.   We leave on Thursday and come back the following Monday.   We are staying at that bright yellow hotel that is next to the rv park on Isla de la Piedra.   There will be a potluck dinner.   I don't know if any of you are staying at RV2 but give me a shout out so we get together.   Contessa is putting the potluck together so it is sure to be a real wingding.

Spring break isn't until April 7th for us.  I really wanted to go to New Mexico with the rv but we have decided not to.  With all the uproar over visas and border checkpoints taking place it is best that we just stay at home.   Gas  is more expensive here this year but we have had years in the U.S. and Canada  when it was much more than in Mexico today.   

San Luis is a state nearby that we can get to easily.  We have ventured off the roads a couple of times and have found such jewels as Aquismon and Xilitla along with Guadalcazar.   We plan to go up into the mountains and just take any old road we find in hopes we find overnight spots.   We've never had a problem but I get picky because I want nice places not a gas station or restaurant.   I guess I could do a bit of online exploring.   

More to come as we get closer to our trips.   We just finished Christmas but I feel it's time to hit the road again.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Winter or Summer? Which Is It?

Cerro de la Silla (Saddleback Mountain)

First, just a comment.  My last post I wrote about the border area of Mexico.   There was no response about how you feel regarding the northern states of Mexico and the information I posted.   Factual, it is true that the border area from Reynosa to the west is relatively safe compared to where most rvers winter in Mexico.  I guess like most things, it's about knowing first hand and having reliable information.  Sometimes our comforts zones can fool us.  Being around people (other rvers, ex-pats, like-minded people) help to create a bubble of security.\

The weather here is an oddity by any means of the word.   We are experiencing 35C days and 10C nights.   An extreme contrast for us in this northern clime of Mexico.   It makes you wonder about global warming, what it means and what are the implications.  I know some of you think it is a hoax but I believe it's a hoax in the sense that we are being fed a line that it is man-made.   Couldn't it be both nature and man?

What if we step back and take a look at science.   We live in a capsule.  Nothing enters Earth's atmosphere except for those stray bullet meteors.   All of which are made of inert materials such as metal ores.   If it's a capsule that cannot be penetrated by other means, it also says that what is inside the capsule cannot escape.  Mother Nature creates certain safeguards to ensure that the air contains 21% oxygen.   There are devices designed to help eliminate pollutants such as carbon dioxide.   However, Mother Nature didn't count on man's ability to tinker with her process.   

Think of your garage as Mother Earth.  Line it with trees, a small kiddie pool of water and then turn on your car's engine.  Do you truly believe you'll survive because you have the right mix of what we believe Mother Nature provides to cleanse the air we breathe?   Add up all the vehicles, ships, trains, motors, compressors, factories and their machinery, home appliances, air conditioners.   They all create some type of gas that enters the atmosphere.   They all generate heat.   Doesn't that set off an alarm?   

For many years it was believed that the oceans absorbed this heat.   If it did or does, where does the heat go?  Into the water?   Doesn't it then heat the water?  Can we deny the fact that fossil fuels; gasoline, petrol products, paints, plastics and the list goes on, don't do harm to the planet, the creatures who inhabit it including plant and ocean life?  Let's say that worse case scenario is that it creates visual pollution such as we see over major cities like Los Angeles and Mexico City.   Isn't that enough to motivate us to look for alternatives?

We're in trouble as a planet and as the population grows, and the airs blackens, waters become polluted it's obvious that this isn't normal.

Juan decided to correct an anomaly in his primary dentation (a crooked tooth).  He has braces for the next four months.  Good to have a dentist in the family.

On a much lighter note, Little Bit purposely missed his cat box the other day.  He knew I wasn't happy.   I asked him why he did it and this is the look he gave me.

Back on the road Thursday.  I head out for Mexico City to train some nuns at a private Catholic school.  That will be interesting.  I'll have to watch my Ps and Qs.  Then a vacation weekend away in February.  I'll keep that secret for awhile and then back to Mexico City for the International Best of British where I'll be speaking on Social and Emotional Learning.  

We want to go to Machu Pichu for Spring break but the dollar and the exchange rates are crazy right now.  Not sure what to do.  

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekend Outing - Bustamante, NL

We went to Bustamante this weekend for a friend's annual birthday party.  They own a hotel in the town and each year we gather for the weekend.   Everyone spends the night at the hotel, dinner, drinks, dancing and games until all hours of the morning.  Then on Sunday we all seem to crawl out at some hour for a group breakfast.   It was a great time had by all and I have a few pics at the bottom of the party.  

First though, I'd like to share some information about the area.   One of the things we hear quite a bit from rvers, rv forums, and friends who drive through Mexico is, "beat feet across the border and get south".   Big mistake.  A few years ago I posted on the blog about crime statistics in Mexico and it turns out that the places most rvers end up spending the winter are actually the most dangerous in the country and the northern border and the states of Nuevo Leon, Coahuila and Chihuahua are not on the list. 

As you cross the Colombia Bridge, you never have to enter the state of Tamaulipas.   You can actually drive all the way to Saltillo by staying in the state of Nuevo Leon.   Now I'm not saying there are issues with Tamaulipas.   That's up to each person to decide, I don't live there, but I (we) travel there without any issues.

Highway 1 takes you from the Colombia Bridge all the way to the toll highway 40 to Saltillo and the 57 and all points south.   There are numerous towns on this route that welcome tourists, have many points of interest including museums, mountains, food, speciality breads, wines, and even developed tours of caverns.   This doesn't include anything south of Monterrey down where we live and all points south which is another blog post.  We've boondocked in all of these small towns and Bustamante is one with not only great history, cavern tours, but also a state park with electric (20 amp), washrooms and natural springs.

I left the party just after 1 a.m.  Too late for me.  I went to bed and woke up around 7 o'clock.  I had some coffee in our room, showered and headed out for a walk.   I walked the length and the width of the town in just under an hour.   Great walk to warrant a Sunday breakfast.  Shop owner's were the only ones to be found out and about.

The main church in Bustamante located in the town square.

Typical Mexican plaza with the kiosk.  

The town hall built in the 1830s.  The town was founded by the Spaniards who brought the tlaxcaltecas to work in the mines in the hills you see in the picture behind the church. 

Like most small towns in Mexico there is the town theater or teatro de la ciudad where local school events, politics, town hall meetings, folkloric dances and art take place.

Bustamante also has a history museum.  They have an English speaking guide on hand so no one goes without information and interpret the signs.   

Okay, so here we are at the party.   Wow, guess who's dancing?   We had the best time with all the games Lorena had put together.  The best one was the coronita (crown).   The team at each table selects a person to wear a crown.   The person can't see the crown but there is a word written across the top.   The person wearing the crown asks yes or no questions until the person can discover the word or the clock runs out.  

We also get into deep discussions at our table with friends about politics, family , education, religion and sex.   It can go on all night.   Our friend Mario, in the beige jacket, just finished his master degree.  He travels around the globe with his company.  This month he is off to Brasil after working in the Middle East.

The day after having breakfast at the Hotel Ancira restaurant.  Truly norteño style Mexican food.  The best actually.   Bustamante is also known for its breads and empanadas filled with piloncillo, nuts, raisins and spices.   The best ever.   There is a huge lot behind the hotel for rv parking.  We´ve parked here before.

En fin, Nuevo Leon is truly a friendly state and of course you can always come and visit us!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Visitors and New Signs of Change

Marina and David came by for a couple of days.

I was surprised to see that even though they had visited several times before, they had never been to the waterfalls.  Off we went and they loved it.   They are great guests like all the rvers that come to stay with us.  Never had a bad experience.  

We watched Obama's farewell speech after a great dinner prepared by Marina.   We sat by the Christmas tree with the laptop in front of us with the feed from  We had a few drinks before hitting the hay.

They are heading down to their usual winter stomping grounds at Puerto Escondido with a week's stop in San Miguel de Allende at a house they have rented.   David posted pics from Dolores Hidalgo this afternoon I am assuming they spent the night there before moving to their rental today.

I took a couple of mountain shots while we were up high in the waterfalls.  I really enjoy the views we have here in our area.  It's too bad people are all too eager to "beat feet" across the border when in reality this area and the border are much safer than where most rvers spend their winters, statistics have proven.

The buzz this week is the gasoline prices but also be aware that you will be seeing some changes in gas stations.   OXXO Gas has opened its chain of stations along with their convenience stores which provide a world of services from bank deposits, money tranfers, wire transfers from store to store, car insurance and the list goes on.   You will be guaranteed liter for liter of fuel.   Change is coming to Mexico and has been in the works for years.  Lets get rid of this ancient dinosaur of a nationalized oil company that has pretty much ruined the Mexican economy for years with corrupt unions and employees on the take and ring a new era that is more globally competitive.

Seven 11 or Super 7 is also introducing their own brand and logo and have begun this month to open or revamp their stores and stations.   And you thought this would never happen!