Sunday, July 23, 2017

Blowout ' highway 85

Sounds dramatic!  It wasn´t.   Shredded a tire on the trailer going 70 kph, no damage.   We got it changed right away and continued on to Matehuala.

We´re here at the Hotel Oasis.  Great travel day.  We´ll check out a tire in the morning, I don´t going anywhere without a spare.  The spare looks brand new but it´s not.  Another reason to get it changed.

On to San Miguel de Allende after that.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Trip Prep and Did I Make a Boo Boo

Actually I made two.  

1)  Cleaned off the ball on the hitch and hooked up but forgot to grease it up.

2)  Last thing in the wash were my dirty jeans that I wore all day and sweated like a pig.  Took them out of the washer and the key fob fell to the ground.   Still working, but I opened it up to let it dry out.

I got the lecture on "always check your pockets".   Well, I did but I guess not well enough.

In the end, it's 7 p.m. and I'm settled down for a late happy hour.  We're ready to roll with our first stop in Matehuala.  We'll be staying at the Oasis again for 150 pesos.  I'm going to check Las Palmas just to see what the latest price is.

Then off to SMA for a night or two and on to Valle de Juarez.  Finally.

It is so hot here, I'm done with 40C heat.   

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Tour of Monterrey - Guests Always Bring Opportunities

Last time I posted I mentioned that my godson was coming from Germany.   He was here for a week and we did all kinds of things.   I'm not sure how impressed he was but I did my best to give him a good tour.  

Before he came, I took the opportunity to paint the spare bedroom and install a mini-split air conditioner.  I didn't check beforehand what the weather is like in Tubingen but I figured it was never as hot as here.   The temps were over 100 for three weeks.   

The palapa hasn't been finished and we knew in advance the probability was very low.  That's how it is in Mexico or at least the area we live in.  You give 50% down and when that money is used up they look for a new job.  We called and called, he would send someone for a few hours and then they'd leave.   The last time, the guy sent his son and he was working away.   All of a sudden, at 2:30 in the afternoon I saw him backing out of the driveway.  I checked the cameras at the front gate and he had loaded up all of his equipment never to return.   We aren't out any money but the job isn't finished.  Wait for the next episode.   The pool deck was completed by the other fellow and he did a great job.

Day by day events with my godson:

Day 1:   Local trip to the plaza in Santiago, mirador overlooking the lake and lunch.

Day 2:   A hike through our state park, Estanzuela

Day 3:   Hiking in the national park Chipinque, folkloric dance performance in the theater of the city

Visitor's center at Chipinque Natl Park

Lining up for the folkloric dance performance.

One of the last and best dances from our state of Nuevo Leon.

Day 4:    Hung out at the house and had a cookout Saturday night.

Day 5:  Day trip to La Laguna up in the mountains with a wonderful en-route breakfast.

The lagoon is dry.  Last time we were there with David it was full of water.

Day 6:  Tour of Monterrey and the riverwalk.

Dau 7:  Visits to museums, the governor's palace, the main post office.

Michael Angelo exhibit.

Looking down on the riverwalk from the bridge between the museums.

Governor's Palace

The main post office built in 1930.

Everyday we used the pool and usually watched a movie in the evenings on Netflix.  He took off for Atlanta where he will visit friends, return to Germany for two days and then head to Israel where he thinks he will be moving after 25 years in Tubingen.

As for us, looks like we are heading to Valle de Juarez to get a reprieve from the heat.   I'm not sure what day we'll take off, probably Thursday or Friday with no rush to get there.