Saturday, July 22, 2017

Trip Prep and Did I Make a Boo Boo

Actually I made two.  

1)  Cleaned off the ball on the hitch and hooked up but forgot to grease it up.

2)  Last thing in the wash were my dirty jeans that I wore all day and sweated like a pig.  Took them out of the washer and the key fob fell to the ground.   Still working, but I opened it up to let it dry out.

I got the lecture on "always check your pockets".   Well, I did but I guess not well enough.

In the end, it's 7 p.m. and I'm settled down for a late happy hour.  We're ready to roll with our first stop in Matehuala.  We'll be staying at the Oasis again for 150 pesos.  I'm going to check Las Palmas just to see what the latest price is.

Then off to SMA for a night or two and on to Valle de Juarez.  Finally.

It is so hot here, I'm done with 40C heat.   


  1. When anything electronic falls into water, put it in a closed up container with some uncooked rice. The rice will absorb any moisture.

    Have fun!

    1. Thought about that as I´ve seen it done with cellphones before. Nah, put it in front of the fan and it dried out. So now I´ve had to break one window to get in and next time I´m not sure what I´ll do! Just kiddin'. :)

  2. We had borrowed my brother in law's very fancy van and we were camping outside the ancient walls of Sienna. After our swim we finally lucked out in getting two loungers in the setting sun. We were just relaxing when Peter said #^*+. He had gone swimming with the fob. We freaked, luckily a dutch couple said they would help us in the morning if we needed to go to a car dealer. We waited very patiently and success we could get into the car where all the money, food, and wine was. We never told his brother.
    We never did tell his brother.

  3. Why on earth were you wearing jeans in that heat?