Tuesday, July 25, 2017

San Miguel de Allende July 2017


Spent a quite evening at home in Matehuala.   Got up early and had coffee and the local news.  Actually it was news from Mexico City.   We headed to the tire stores to check prices.   All of them are in town not along the highway where the hotels are.  That's weird.

They sent a tire to the vulkanizadora where we were parked and we paid right there.   No hassles, tire sent on a motorcycle, invoice and guarantee in hand.   I guess the two work together so it worked out well.   A guy pulled up while we were waiting in a new SUV.   Kind of startled me a bit.  He got out and said good morning in English.   Turns out he worked in the U.S. for 30 years and now is a trucker here.  He wanted to know about importing the trailer.  Nice guy.

Off we went, a bit apprehensive at first.   I then got off to a running start and kept it steady at 80 kph (you guys are rotten and you know who you are).  Peaceful drive, good music and excellent co-pilot.  We pulled into the botanical gardens and setup.  Went for a nice evening walk and watched a great movie with Andy Griffith called Savages with one of the Bottom brothers, Sam I think, who died a few years back from a brain tumor.   All the brothers are actors.

This morning as we were getting ready to take off, our friend Mario the director of the botanical gardens, pulled up  and visited for awhile.

We're not staying there.   We chose a night at San Ramon because we will be visiting a blog reader this evening and didn't want to leave the rv alone.   Things in SMA are changing.  It's become a bustling city.   You can see it in the traffic, the speed at which people drive, and sadly and most of all is the poor interaction between locals and gringos.

I could see it last year as well.  New housing developments are going up two blocks from the botanical gardens with their own strip malls.  Houses starting at $185,000 U.S.  The disparity between the foreigners (gringos and chilangos) is growing.   I was listening to the local news this morning and they have job offers.   Low educational levels, all minimum wage jobs.  But, like everywhere else in the world, business owners pay what the local economy demands not to mention government established minimum wages.

We're even closer now to selling the trailer.   I think it's time.  Maybe a Class B will work for us.  Only time will tell.

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  1. San Miguel de Allende was just named the best city in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine earlier this month. Yes, I'm sure you knew it, but many readers may not have.