Sunday, July 23, 2017

Blowout ' highway 85

Sounds dramatic!  It wasn´t.   Shredded a tire on the trailer going 70 kph, no damage.   We got it changed right away and continued on to Matehuala.

We´re here at the Hotel Oasis.  Great travel day.  We´ll check out a tire in the morning, I don´t going anywhere without a spare.  The spare looks brand new but it´s not.  Another reason to get it changed.

On to San Miguel de Allende after that.


  1. Lucky you were not doing your "normal" 140 kph! Check the date on your spare, if it is over five years old, replace it.

  2. Lucky you were not doing your "normal" 140 kph!

    Bah! Too funny...

  3. Mexico is the best to have tire problems. So many places there to help.

  4. Okay guys, you're affecting my self esteem. For more than a year now I have stayed below 80kph. In fact, this trip, under 80 kph at 77 kph. At home in my little VW, you bet, I drive 120 easily!