Monday, July 31, 2017

Trip Update - SMA - Matehuala - Zaragoza

We're back in Matehuala after enjoying the weekend parked in town in San Miguel de Allende.  It worked out well and we were charged 100 pesos per night, secured parking.  Saturday and Sunday were noisy as tour buses would come and go but we were gone during the day.  At night things were completely silenced as everyone has left but us.   Time to drag out the chairs, coffee table and have cocktails outside.   Beautiful skies, drinks and company.

Saturday night we passed by Barbara's house at 7 to go out for dinner.  We took a taxi, pricey but worth it, to Ristorante D' Andrea.   We were there last year.   The food is really, really good and the service is the best.   We started out the evening with vodka martinis and Barbara can attest to their quality.   The place is pricey but we hadn't been out to eat during the whole week except for a taco or quesadilla.   

We went to the Parroquia for a folkloric dance show that was pretty good.   We stayed for a bit and then headed home.  We have yet to disconnect the SUV from the trailer and 85% of our day trips are walking.   I've been doing my 8 kms or more everyday and that sure helps.   I also discover some pretty cool things along the way.

Yesterday we were invited to a town meeting by an activist group regarding the water situation in SMA.  Basically, the water in the lake or presa is being consumed by corporate farming in the area.  Also, the water treatment plant is not at full capacity for the city.  As I mentioned, there are new housing developments going up and they are not providing any special services in exchange for building permits.  For example, if a new neighborhood is going up outside Monterrey on the way to our house, the builder has to provide a water treatment facility for the new neighborhood, streets, lighting, and green areas.   I don't think that is happening in SMA.   There is also arsenic contamination in the city water supply created by the corporate farming.  The purpose of the meeting is to create awareness and look for some solutions that can be had by both the government and the population.   

We're not living there but it is interesting to participate and if someday we move nearby we want clean and plentiful water/   We are suffering from the same problems now at home with our water supply; drought and contamination.

We headed out this morning bright and early and are now at the Oasis Hotel.  Tomorrow we will be heading east and then south to the southern tip of our great state of Nuevo Leon hoping to find a spot at the El Salto State Park which is in the mountains and surrounded by waterfalls.   More later.


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