Sunday, February 2, 2020

A Short Look Inside An IMSS Hospital

It's taken weeks to get over the virus I had.  We are both still existing with a mild cough on occasions.  It comes and goes.  Some people are reporting four to six weeks of cough after the end of the cold virus.  

IMSS 33 Monterrey

Yesterday we went to an IMSS hospital to visit a friend who is in pretty bad shape.  Diabetes, kidney failure, deep depression, and probably not going to make it.   His kids are all there taking shifts staying at the hospital.  He needs a catheter put in to help cleanse his kidneys but they have to wait until Tuesday.  No surgeries scheduled on weekends at this hospital.  Sad, isn't it?  But that is socialized medicine in Mexico.  

This particular hospital is located in downtown Monterrey and when we were there five years ago it was a dump.  With a new director, it has undergone some modifications and clean up.  There is still so much bureaucracy that some people would think it's still a dump.  Little things like extremely dirty windows, tape residue on the walls, windows and glass doors where notices were hung but never thoroughly cleaned, areas requiring simple paint touch-ups, etc.    

I didn't take a picture inside the room.  There are three other patients and the room is clean and has its own bathroom.   Our friend has all the latest technology including a defibrillator, monitors, oxygen and constant visits from staff with medications, meals, and checkups.  

This is the area for doctors' visits for those that were or will be admitted to the hospital.  It's quiet on the weekend as outpatient care goes to local clinics.

Only so many visitors are allowed at any bed.  You need to have a pass and after your visit, you come back here to the waiting room and give the pass to the next friend or relative.

You'll find signs like these all over the hospital reminding visitors to keep their hands washed with soap and water or using gel.  The bathrooms in the waiting area are in good condition and clean.

There are security cameras throughout the hospital so I was a bit uncomfortable taking pictures but did capture this orderly taking a patient back to his room after x-rays. 

I'm still not sure I would want to be a patient there, but until I'm 65 and have Medicare, there really isn't much choice unless I am willing to pay out of pocket.  I will do that with my angiogram later this month.


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  2. From your photos, the place doesn't look too bad. Obviously nobody wants to be in ANY hospital, let alone a dumpy one. I don't even want to be in a really nice hospital! :-)