Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Looks Like It May Be Over

Every time I think it's over it happens again.  We follow the forecast and each day it's cloudy, overcast, and very humid.  Forecasts aren't always right and when you see the sun come out you heave a sigh of relief.  False hope.  I did that and it rained for three hours last night non-stop.  I had put clarifier in the water to settle the green and then vacuum it out.  It didn't work with more rain.  Today, it's more of the same but tomorrow we have only a 20% chance of rain.  Good.  I can get the pool cleaned up and cut the grass.  You've gotta love COVID, I can't escape my duties.  Kevin said today, "Now I know why I don't own a home".  My thoughts exactly.

We've had the opportunity in the last couple of days to have Fact Time or phone calls from several Canadian Rvers.  It's always fun to catch up and it really brings your spirits up.  With the bad weather, it has been hard to get out and do my power walks although I have kept up with the weights.  

I made a batch of oatmeal cookies yesterday.   The new oven works great.  I had concerns about the temperature settings but I also place an oven thermometer in the oven as a matching monitor.  It's working just fine.   The cookies, by the way, turned out great.  I divided them up and put half into the freezer.  

COVID continues to take its toll.  As of yesterday, there were 44,876 deaths.  The estimate for August 1st, just three days away, is 47,500.  The focus, however, is not on health but selling that damn presidential plane.   Presidente Dingus will never get rid of the needle in his side.  He is just the same as the northern fella and is constantly telling lies and spreading misinformation.  The main reason we can't flatten the curve.  I wish he gave his daily sermons in English so people to the north could see just what an idiot we have as a president.


  1. But, Kevin is always working on his RV with endless tasks. He just listed how many of the components on his RV don’t work.
    Your pool looks like it solves the heat and humidity issues for you.

  2. Sounds like someone doesn't like work LOL It seems most world leaders have gone bonkers.