Monday, July 13, 2020

The Pool Is Almost Ready - And I Only Have 12 More Payments

It was a real mess for over two weeks but it will be worth it.  First pass was opening the deck and replacing all the pipes.  That was tested and then closed up so that they can pour the new deck.  

Then the tile guys came, removed all the old grout between the tiles and then replaced it. That was a two-day project.  After that was cleaned they started working on the lip.  Now everything is cleaned up and we can begin filling the pool tomorrow.  The deck will have to wait until we find someone to do it the right way.

Today the thermometer hit 42C or 106F.  The grass is behaving well although it's getting thirsty.  That will just have to do as it's watering the grass or fill the pool.  I checked a couple of water companies and they charge way to much to fill it up.  

I finished my IMSS insurance policy the other day.  I took my copies, he stamped them, gave a payment slip with which I took to the bank.  Paid the 12,250 pesos and then back to the clinic for the final approval.  

While there, I asked about my IMSS pension.  I have only 12 payments left to increase my benefit.  I make a payment this week so it will be down to 11.  I was reluctant to do this, in the beginning, thinking this would take forever.  But like everything else, time flies and so did this.  Next year at this time I will be applying for my second pension.  Yahoo!  

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  1. Now I HAVE to get down there and use the pool! Increasing your pension will pay off in the long run. Short term pain for long term gain! Good for you Chris!