Friday, October 22, 2021

It's Not Over Until . . . And Mexican Real Estate

Interesting parking garage with the three-story lift not to mention the life size crucifix on the wall.

Until you sign the deal.  And that we did.  After two months of pulling teeth, we were able to get this done.  The major hurdle was the seller.  For some reason, that was never discussed is why the owner's father was his legal guardian.  We'll never know but it put a wrench in the works.  As I have said many times, in the north things are done differently.  The real estate agent is very nice but she says yes to everything.   We asked her if she had given a checklist to the seller and of course, she said yes.  As time went on we discovered that we had to pretty much be involved in all the phone conversations.  That was another issue, long distance between all four parties; seller, buyer, agent, and notary.  We sent several documents back and forth for signing via FedX.

We were insistent about several things; 

1) Utilities had to be paid and the accounts in zeros. It is easier to do a name change than to open a new account for electric, water, and telephone.  

2) Even though it was a tract home, we wanted the plans for the construction.  In the north, it is common practice.  Here in SMA that can be hard if you are buying a home that was built pre-1800 and there are many.   When remodeling a concrete block house, load-bearing walls become a very important issue.

3) Proof from the loan company that the loan was paid and filed as such.

4)  Property taxes were current. 

We asked for these things the minute we signed the contract with the seller.  

The actual signing included a quick review of any errors.  We're accustomed to someone reading the pages out loud as someone takes notes.  The owner's father was a nice guy, 80 years old, and works as a private accountant.  Everything was done in an hour and the last hurrah was the real estate agent running in with the paid utility bills.  

So another thing to clear up is real estate agents.  There is licensing of real estate agents although it is not required by law.  There are courses and certifications for agents as well.  One such association is the AsociaciĆ³n Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios.  They also provide refreshers and update courses regarding changes in construction and the legal aspect of buying and selling.   

As always, it's know before you go.  We did that and fortunately, the agent did well overall.  She's a busy beaver and always has many irons in the fire.  Today she told us she sold a piece of land to the Holiday Inn franchise in Guanajuato for a new timeshare in SMA.

One interesting thing about the agent.  If you remember the La Siesta Hotel and Rv Park, she worked there for 30 years with Don Raul but at the real estate offices next door.  She said she used to marvel at the RVs as they came in especially in large groups.  She didn't tell us that until today in a conversation about other goings-on.

Getting my shoes shined I spotted this marine taking a break from vaccine watch.  He must be homesick, he was really eyeing the girls. 

We're at the house sit out in the camp area and the nights are great with the moon and the open skies.  We're not sure when we are going back to Monterrey.  We brought bedding to take care of a queen size should we run across a good deal.  We have become good friends with all of our house sits and this one in particular.  They are selling and moving back to the states.  On the property is a two-bedroom casita.  It has a beautiful oriental rug that they have given us as a housewarming gift.   Because of the language barrier, we do a lot of things on house sits like find repair people, get estimates and this weekend preparing the house for a showing Saturday morning.  We went out and bought flowers and did a cursory inspection this morning so we could have the workers focus on details.

We are looking forward to getting the house furnished and bringing things down in the travel trailer.  I'm still hell-bent on driving through Durango.  Time will tell.  So I hope I don't bore everyone with our new adventure but that's the adventure we have going.  Soon the pandemic will come to an end and we will feel comfortable about a transatlantic flight and visiting Spain and France.  

During my morning exercise, I ran into this busy fellow.  He was sewing when I came upon him.

The views from here are incredible but cost you a pretty penny not to mention the distance from town.  An Italian-styled villa.

Last but not least, a short political update.  Presidente Dingus has now decided he wants to also nationalize the Telmex telephone company.  He has created an energy reform that will close all private energy providers and their contracts will not be paid out.  Also, he is purchasing vaccines from Russia that have not yet been approved by the WHO and that too may be for the safety of all humans on the planet.  Really?   Dingus has made alliances with Cuba, Peru, Venezuela, and now he's going for Russia.  Isn't that a bit scary?