Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What An Evening


Steve, Terri, Mike, Me, Robin, Norma, Croft and Juan

We spent the day with Norma and Croft.  We headed out to the offices of the SAT, where taxes are charged and paid.  Our new friends we met thanks to Paula and Jer, Louis and Doris, had an issue with a new tax being charged for truck campers.  We made a date to meet at the offices but once we were there they had closed for the week since this is Spring break.  It wasn't on their website but we tried to help.  Doris made a wonderful loaf of bread for us and we enjoyed it this evening with some great grilled cheese sandwiches Norma cooked up.

After that we went to the Tuesday market and walked around.  We got to show Doris and Louis a bit about the market and then we saw them off as they are heading back to Quebec tomorrow morning.   Nice couple and I hope we keep in touch.

We had lunch at the market.  Croft had fried fish and shrimp and Juan and I split an order of enchiladas.  We agreed to a nap and then we went to the rv park at San Ramon where Robin and Steve had arrived earlier this afternoon.  

Once we arrived at the rv park we found out that Terri and Mike Church were right next door to us.  What a coincidence.   I couldn't recognize them from the road because it was getting dark.  Then, Steve's neighbor came over and Terri approached them and she said "Chris, and Juan!"  Yikes.  Who knows who you'll run into. 

What was supposed to be a quick welcome and happy hour turned into almost four hours of chat and conversation.  You've just got to love rving.

Tomorrow we are all meeting at Fabrica Aurora which was originally a textile fabric and now houses many art galleries, furniture shops, antiques, and more.  After, we have a lunch with Barbara form Bab's Blog.


  1. How fun! So glad you got to see the Church's. Don't know if you have met them before? I had hoped they would get here before we left but it doesn't look like it. Haven't seen them for 2 - 3 years. Fabrica Aurora sounds most interesting.

    1. Sure, they've been by the house before. We were just as shocked to see them as they were to see us. Good evening had by all.

  2. It is a great gallery. We did it in sections as there was too much to take in at one time and we had three months.
    Say hi to Barbara for us, enjoy lunch.
    There is not a single day since returning at the beginning of March that we do not miss San Miguel.

  3. We are envious again. Small world again linking up with Mike and Terri. We were all in SKP Saguaro when they left with two other couples from the park on a join trip to Mexico. Please say hi to them for us.