Sunday, April 10, 2016

Matamoros to Reynosa and Home

I think we have recovered from our trip to San Miguel de Allende with Norma and Croft.  They had it tough because after a week of partying they had to drive back to Arizona.  I hope they had a good time because I know we did.  One of our best trips and it wasn't in an rv.   Now that's weird!  Renting is a good option if your not a full timer.  I guess it depends on how much of a rig you buy and good the gas mileage is.  The drive back and forth was a blast.  I know I'm retelling the story but it was a good one.

Back to work and on the road.   No sooner did I get back to work and I worked in two different schools in the RGV.   Amazing, the state of Texas is one giant corruption pit.  More police, city officials, mayors, etc.  all caught up in the drug business, casino corruption and it's not just with Mexicans.  One case the whole city counsel is in jail since last month for corruption with Vietnamese.  This S@#$ makes me laugh.   

Went to school on Wednesday and Thursday and some major changes are taking place.  I've worked at it for almost three years now and things are starting to happen.  I think I have one more year there and then it's time to move on.  I found another school that needs some restructuring so I am putting together a proposal to present next month.

Thursday afternoon I went for a trip to Matamoros.  I know you're thinking, Yikes!!!  I rode with the representative and his boss insisted we drive to Laredo and then cut across to Brownsville.  I said no way to that.  We crossed at McAllen and over to Brownsville and then took the bridge to Matamoros.   Spent a difficult night there.  I've got some kind of bug and I want to not say it's Dengue.  But the signs are pretty obvious.   

We stayed at the Holiday Inn and I had  a nice room.  The rep didn't want to pay for two rooms and I had to tell him that I don't share rooms.  Too old for that.   Only problem was, when I went to bed one of the black out curtains was missing.   This is a big problem in hotels.  People think because they are staying just one night they don't report issues and all of a sudden the room is a disaster.   So I did what any good Mexican would do.  I had to find a way to tie the inner and outer curtain together.  Hey, it worked!

Visited a huge private school that has kindergarten to university with over 1000 students.   Nice people and a great time spent with them.  On the way home I said to the rep, "Let's not be silly."  We took Hwy 2 from Matamoros to Reynosa on the Mexican side.  What a wonderful highway, smooth as silk and the countryside is in bloom.   I would recommend Brownsville/Matamoros to anyone.  It is a major port and they move people fast.

On a side note, we redid the yard.  We had the trees cut back and new grass put down.  14 cubic meters of dirt, 500 sq meters of grass and fertilizer.   The trees are in bloom and the grass has taken root.  Time for it's first cutting.   

Not sure what to do for summer yet.  I would like a job in the U.S. to add to my SS but if I don't I want to go to Valle de Juarez for two months.  I need to get some serious research and reading done.  Any ideas for a job?


  1. Yard looks fantastic! Great job. Will have to think about job ideas...know you are an excellent tour guide but that's not what you have in mind I'm sure. RV park? But they probably don't need folks in the summer. Do schools keep a cadre in the summer to plan and organize the new school year?

    1. I want something that keeps me in a semi-cool place. No temps in the high 90s or 100s. Rv parks, tour guide would be fun, etc. In the U.S. the most important is the 1099 form to add to my SS account. I am thinking now that if I don't find anything that is attractive, I may just go to Valle de Juarez for two months and do some research. The money isn't the issue, it's something to do. Juan can join me for two weeks. I just can't stand the heat here in the summer :) So, I'm open to everything!

  2. Great catch up post. Sure hope it is not dengue but some other bug and you are now recovering. The yard looks great. Wish I could help you with a job. Good luck with that but them Valle de Juarez sounds lovely.

  3. Wow, you live in Mexico and are calling Texas corrupt? That's a hoot!
    When was the last time you heard of mass graves being discovered full of women and men that the cartel killed in Texas. Or bridges with 10 - 15 collage students hanging from them in Dallas? Do you really think the local authorities down there don't know about this and just who did it? Please!

    1. Hi Nancy and thanks for reading my blog. Apparently you're not aware of the amount of corruption that exists in the U.S. I don't blame you. Most if not all is well-hidden and no reported by biased news stations and reporters. Have you done any investigation on what I have stated? You may want to start by checking out a simple DIY search on google. Many government officials in the U.S.; mayors, governors, city counselpersons, senators and representatives have gone to prison over the years. Also do a search on YouTube for news reports regarding corrupt sheriffs, deputies and policemen. You comment about 15 students hanging from a bridge could not be found. I agree that it happens to bad people in Mexico. Those bad people discovered this method after the beginning of the war in the Middle East where those practices are common. Feel free to email me and I will be glad to send you more information. Corruption is a human trait and one that all of us carry to some degree. My email is