Friday, September 16, 2016

U.S. Immigration - Your Not Going To Believe What I Say

Yesterday was a travel day.  I went from Monterrey, Houston, Chicago and into Harrisburg.  Then a rental car to Reading (pronounced Redding).  

In Houston it was a mad dash to get through immigration and on my flight to Chicago.  All my flight were tight and there was little room for tolerance.   First off, there was a struggle between gate agents and maintenance over who was responsible for moving the sky way to the plane's door. 

Finally got and the dash to immigration was on.  As we headed down the terminal which is a long and winding road, a 747 unloaded 300 people from China.  Running, running, I got there and to my surprise the system in Houston has been streamlined.  You go to a kiosk, scan your passport, enter your flight number and airline.  It prints out a slip with your picture on it and off you go.  There was no waiting and the immigration agents were very very friendly.   I wonder if the Obama administration has had something to do with it.

Anyway, it's 5:30 EDT and I'm getting ready to go to the high school.  I always drive by at night so I won't get mislead by the GPS or directions.   It's 10 minutes from here.  That's what you get when you make your own reservations.  Usually I end up 45 minutes away when the office makes the reservations.  The system, Concur, is a great online reservation system for everything I do.  I'm glad the company implemented it.

Tonight, off to Kansas City.


  1. Well, Houston has historically been the worst airport in the States for getting through immigration. Last time we were there, we swore we would never ever book another connecting flight through that terrible system.

    But, maybe somebody finally took charge and fixed it. Could happen...

  2. Chris and Kevin, don't get your hopes up. Periodically, for four years Beach and I traveled to Austin, TX from Charleston, SC and connecting through Houston. Every time on our return flight to Charleston, we had to constantly chase gate numbers; we were always on a very small plane to get back home, and our gate number kept changing about every 20 minutes for our small plane. As Chris can attest, chasing gates in such a large airport is like running a marathon!

    Summervillle, SC

  3. Enjoy Kansas City! Wish I could eat at Winstead's and stroll the Plaza. Hot there though.