Saturday, December 10, 2016

I Want A Motorhome For Christmas

Actual unit for sale.

That's right, I want a motorhome for Christmas.  About ten years ago the founder of the Bounder motorhome started a new company, CT Coachworks.  The idea was to create a full-time motorhome that was truly residential.  It had everything including full-size residential appliances and even a dishwasher and trash compacter.  That was when it wasn't popular to have a residential fridge in your rv.   Those days have passed and many Class A owners go for a full-size residential fridge.  The company started off on the wrong foot by naming their motorhome the Flounder.   It started to nose dive right away until the name was changed to Siena.   It lasted a couple of years and they made two sizes; 35ft and 39ft.  I found one this last week and can't get it out of my head.  I had even joined the owners group website which is now defunct.   In the end, not many were made but the company survives making custom limousines.  They continue to honor recalls, repairs, and warranty type items.

Back to reality, the Christmas tree is up and shining brightly.   Firewood is stacked in the corner of the porch waiting to build a fire in the fireplace.  The last couple of nights the temperatures hovered close to freezing and it is still around 7C, dripping and foggy.   This next week goes back to 29C during the day.  Believe it or not, the trees at our house still have most of their leaves.   Across the street the trees are bare.

This week will be my last week of work for the year.   I'll spend the next week getting the rv ready and doing some maintenance work here around the house, mostly cleaning windows, cobwebs around the outside of the house under the eaves.   

The pool is getting a makeover but it will be done a bit at a time.  It's winter so we have time to get the leaks repaired, grout the tile and cover the deck area with tile or some other product.   Still undecided.   

We ordered a dump truck of rocky material (lajilla) and it spread in front of our house and also filled a few potholes.  We'll need another load or two so that might be my project also.   


  1. The front yard looks so nice and green and warm!

    You know if you buy a unit with a residential fridge you will have to get quite a few more solar panels and batteries to keep it running! Just something to keep in mind. :-)

  2. If you're serious about a new (used) Class A, I can offer some experiences. You know that we just traded up/down. Up because 35 to 40', gas to diesel, opposing slides (makes it huge), and yada, yada. Down has to be mentioned because we went from a 2008 (in which you and Juan had a vodka or 2) to a 2007. Another negative might be that it might not fit in the great CG in your hood that we stayed in. BTW, Tepic was the only other place that we stayed in that would give me a pucker with the new one.

    This one has a HUGE electric/gas fridge. I would not like being tied to an electric cord for a fridge.

    Ditto what Ruth said about the yard. Wonder if we could get the 40'er up the road to your house and make the turn in :-). But first I have to get the 10 year permit issue cleared.

    1. PS: I still don't know how you get the trailer in there.