Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekend In Mazatlan

What a great deal not to mention the weather.   We chose VivaAerobus which is a Mexican discount airline.  The tickets for two, round trip were $89.   We booked direct on their website.   VivaAerobus uses Airbus A-320 aircraft and the seats are a bit tight but not uncomfortable.   I was able to nap for the first 30 minutes without any issues.  Downside is that there is no open bar or snacks.  They have a great menu with nothing over $6 for a full meal deal.   Drinks are also served at a cost of 50 pesos mixed cocktail and 45 pesos for a beer.  They have a strict check-in policy, two hours prior on all domestic flights.  That said, they are always on time.  

Our flight was one hour and we took a taxi from the airport to the hotel.  In total, from take off to the hotel was a total of two hours.  Pretty neat considering the cost of driving two days, gas and rv park.  We headed over to Contessa and Colin's to say hi.   Good to see all the rvers.  We stopped in to see Ferne and her new rv which is really very luxurious and comfortable.  

The hotel, Maria Coral, sits in between both of the Tres Amigo rv parks, 1 & 2.  I booked that on Travelocity for $35 a night.   It's right on the beach and as you can see from the picture, has a great pool and palapa.   We had breakfast outside this morning.  Very well-served, great service and delicious.   I love homemade hash browns.  Breakfast for two with a carafe of coffee was $7.95.  

The room is adequate for the price, new, clean and shiny.  Two beds, a huge bath with balcony overlooking the pool.   There is also cable television and very good A/C/  Downsides are no room phone, blow dryer or coffee maker.  That said, I went downstairs at 6 a.m. and asked the desk clerk for coffee.  He said the restaurant didn't open until 8 a.m. but he would put on a pot of coffee.   I returned 20 minutes later to a tray with cups/saucers, a carafe of coffee and the cream and sugars.  The price was 20 pesos.  Well worth the walk down one flight of stairs.

This morning was visiting Sue and Jerry at RV2, walking on the beach and of course a nap.   We are off to a jazz gathering at the El Valero restaurant here on the beach.  You've got to love the Isla.  It's so convenient.   We can have a few drinks and walk down the beach tonight to get back to the hotel.

Tomorrow, we are climbing up to the lighthouse for some exercise.  Then a trip into town to visit a co-worker and then there is a potluck dinner in the evening.  Colin has put together a fun pack of rafts, flippers, snorkels and masks.   We'll get in the water and splash around and hope to get a good picture of us in the gear.


  1. We flew VivaAerobus from Mexico City to Puerto Escondido for a great price as well. No problems at all.

  2. A fun weekend for a great price!

  3. Oh the pool looks so inviting, especially from here in Port Alberni where we stayed off the roads for eight days cause of snow and ice! Enjoy yourselves.

  4. I had hoped to pop over and meet you both but the flu/tourista? has me under the weather so...maybe next time. Enjoy your stay on the Isla. What a great flight and room deal.