Friday, August 4, 2017

Waterfalls On Every Side

As I said yesterday, we made it to the park without any problem.   I would say any travel trailer can make it and travel buses do too but I don't drive a 45 ft motorhome.   

The park charges a day use  fee of 36 pesos per person.  When you're camping it is only charged once and you can come and go from the park.   The overnight camping fee includes a palapa with kitchen surface, a sink with running water (potable) and there is no electricity.   The idea is too keep the place as quiet as possible and it is.  Some picnickers come during the day and play music but the rangers keep an eye on them.  It's not a large park but there is hiking in the mountains and paths to take.  There are hot showers for 10 pesos and well-worth it.   Clean with lots of hot hot water.  

We're here and we have been into town for a breakfast and we have taken lots of pictures.   Hiking has been a bit muddy because it is raining off and on.  Quiet, cool nights with the sounds of waterfalls and soft rain on the roof.   

We're heading home in the morning.  I have several things I want to post about such as the now variable gas prices and welfare programs that are available to Mexicans.  Very interesting all the things that most people are unaware of.


  1. Great park! We love those kinds of overnight spots. :-)

  2. Why would you want to leave!! With the conveniences, quiet, waterfalls, hiking paths, shade, and everything so very green, it's a paradise. It seems as if there is so much heat most everywhere else. Also, your park looks like a great place to just read a book.

  3. What a beautiful spot! I could spend some lovely, lazy time there for sure...

  4. What park is this and where is it? Thanks so much. I'm just catching up on
    my blog reading after a very eventful July of recuperation. Wherever you are
    it is quite exquisitely beautiful.