Saturday, March 3, 2018

Riviera Maya - What An Experience

I saved up for a couple of months knowing it wasn't going to be cheap.  Prices are in dollars and as you know I earn pesos and nowhere near as much as a teacher in the U.S. or Canada.  It was worth every penny though.

Grand Residences offers many plans and I've never stayed at an all-inclusive.  I probably never will again either, hahaha.   It was an experience, a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about staying at a resort.  Some of the people were nice, and most were d"#$%.   The staff bends over backward to please everyone and you are treated like royalty.   The suite was probably one of the most luxurious we have stayed in although in my travels some have been better.  The look now is minimalist and it tends to get a bit monotonous.  

The flight was a bit less than two hours.  Upon arrival, our SUV limo took us to the resort.  From the Cancun airport, Puerto Morelos is about 35 minutes.   They offered us a drink during the ride and spent the time chatting with the driver.   We remember Cancun before it had become a city now with over 800,000 people.

At the hotel, we registered and our concierge assigned Jorge as our bellman and private assistant.  Need anything, call Jorge and he'll be there.   We're not that way and he checked on us a couple of times wondering why we weren't calling him.  I guess most guests pester him to death.  

The room speaks for itself.  They are in clusters of three, two junior and one master with an entrance and foyer for the three and those are separated from the other rooms, suites, and apartments.  The refrigerator is stocked with alcohol, water, sodas, and the counter covered in fresh and dried fruits, chocolates and nuts of all kinds.   

Some American tourists we met at the local gift shop.

Two jacuzzis, one in the bathroom and the other on the balcony.  We used the one on the balcony both nights.   It was so relaxing and quiet.   They offer the best of the best in terms of amenities; towels, pillow options (they ask at the front desk and have miniatures to help make the selection, with eight pillows per bed.   

There are three restaurants; Mexican, French and the beach bar and restaurant.  We liked the French for breakfast and the beach for afternoon lunch.  The make the meanest shrimp tacos and fried fish tortas.  Dinner Friday night was French cuisine and it was excellently prepared.  The menu is ample and you could have a ribeye, salmon steaks, lobster, or any combination.  I had a dish prepared with pureed potato with roasted garlic, butter and a wonderful sauce made with asparagus, morel mushrooms, walnuts, and spices (trying to stick to the vegetarian/vegan diet).  Truly a regal dish, delicious.  

There are two resorts next door, Now Jade and El Cid and they both have different styles.  I chose Grand Residences because it was on the end and we could walk some unused beach and we didn't have to look at a building next door.


  1. Glad you had fun with your little splurge! Brooks and LindaLee were in Cozumel and Playa del Carmen at the same time, too bad you did not get together for a taco and beer!

  2. It's nice to go all out sometimes, just to have been there.

  3. Thanks, Chris, for the name of the resort and the tour. Yes, you can spot American tourists coming a mile away in their resort attire! When I looked up the resort, I noted that you can buy a membership at Grand Residences, but no doubt, the cost is out of sight. However, it is beautiful there.

  4. What a wonderful get away and the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. So glad that it was all you had hoped it would be.

  5. Love this! I'm not a resort person either but would do something like this for a treat. Happy you two had a wonderful time!!

    P.S. And no way would I have stuck to a certain type of diet when offered such choices. You've got discipline!