Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday Musings and Pictures

That's me off in the distance enjoying our new palapa.  The ceiling fan comes in handy.  It's only 11:30 but it's already getting hot and almost time to move inside.  40C today!

I went to Saltillo on Friday and worked at a school that used the Natural Approach.  It was a small farm and has very open and green areas.  It was a real pleasure working with non-traditional teachers.  They have a great team there and the school has good reviews.  It is a complete swing in the other direction and that causes parents to pull their kids out in the 5th or 6th grade.   English is the problem as the owners didn't think grammar or a structural English environment was that important.  They want to hire me as a consultant.  

Took this great shot that morning as I was leaving Monterrey and heading onto the autopista.  I really enjoy this drive.    

I don't think I posted pics of my last night in Quito where I stayed at a quinta outside the city but close to the airport.  They rent cabins during the week and offer the place for weddings and quinceñeras on weekends.  Believe it or not, this is only $55 U.S. per night.

And Croft, this picture is for Norma.  I know she has beautiful flower beds but our rose bush produced this beauty last week.

Recently purchased to line the sidewalk to the pool.  They were planted yesterday.


  1. Beautiful rose! Ours are just starting to come out now. It is not 40 here LOL!

  2. Raining here but my Hostas are to die for!