Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Rest of Ecuador

Typical autopista toll booth, always $1.00

I will have to say that it would be very exciting to rv in Ecuador.  You are free to roam just about anywhere and I would like to think, based on what I have seen now in four trips, that boondocking is more than viable.  Lots of small towns where you can duck into backroads and side streets and maybe with permission find lots of safe and secure options.  The mountains around Quito are truly amazing as is the coastal route.  

My conference was a success with 260 teachers in attendance.  The theme of the event was Social and Emotional Learning including a segment on self-regulation and suppressive expression.  It has taken me a lot of work to develop this workshop; reading, viewing, studying, and attending other SEL conferences over the last two years.  I don't have pictures yet but should have them this week.   Ecuador had a four-day weekend because of Dia de los Muertos, here in Mexico it was only three days.

The U.S. consulate used to be next to my hotel but moved a couple of years ago.  They have a beautiful stone mural on the second floor.  It may be a bit difficult to see but it is well worth clicking to enlarge it.

I may have posted some of these before, my apologies.

Great architecture, old mixed with new.

Like most major cities, things are going vertical and sustainable communities, live, work and play.

The previous U.S. consulate next to my hotel in the background.

I worked on the front end of the trailer today.  I took everything off the front only to discover that the battery tray is complete rotted and rusted.   I have a guy coming on Wednesday to help me redo all the terminals and maybe move the batteries inside.  That means I will be buying two sealed batteries, and adding a transfer switch to make all the outlets live.  

More pictures tomorrow.  


  1. One of our future plans is to buy an old class B and drive it south. You guys should buy one too... we'll go together!

  2. Kevin, I think it's the only way to go. Comfort, transport and cost. We are looking and have found a couple here in Monterrey as well as south Texas. Park it here in the driveway and slowly get it in shape. I can vouche for Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, great roads and places to go.

  3. You can’t have mine I want to go with you