Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Nothing Remains Static - Changes In San Miguel de Allende


We're enjoying the weekend here in SMA.  The weather is a delight and you couldn't ask for more this time of year.  The sun can beat down on you taking into account a sunny day and the elevation.  That given, the temperature is much more agreeable than Monterrey.  In the north, they are enjoying 42C and here it was 25C today.  At night, 12C.  You have to close the windows sometimes because you can get chilly.  I'm loving every minute of it and have absolutely no complaints.

Saturday has always called for a trip to the organic market.  The market was located next to the Instituto Allende on a piece of property owned by the Rosewood Hotel.   They didn't renew the lease with the organic market group and they were forced to move.  Now they are two doors down from the OXXO on San Antonio.  Not sad, but changes they do come and now it has lost its flair.  The crowd was much less than before, the air of the music, artisans, cheese producers, fresh vegetables as well as the never-ending food stalls has come to an end.  It seems very commercial and U.S. to us.  Still nice, we had some great food; a quesadilla and a tortilla with a fried egg and pork with sauce on top.  Someone was selling gourmet hamburgers for $6.50 U.S.  Yikes!  Whoever heard of such a thing.  Where we parked the car, there was a nice family restaurant with enchiladas with beans and rice for 50 pesos $2.50 U.S.  

As a side note, I have my doubts about organics, free-range, etc.  I can't find the documentary right now but here is a CBC article that exposes the truth behind some Canadian farmer's markets.  'People are being duped': CBC exposes homegrown lies at farmers markets "  I mean really, $15 U.S. at the market here for a pound of cheese?  Sorry, I guess I don't have that "acquired" taste. 

The Angela Peralta Theater (Angela was an 18th-century soprano known as the Mexican Nightengale. 

We attended the flamenco concert last night at the Angela Peralta Theater.  A wonderful place to sit and watch any performance no matter what it might be; folkloric dance, acapella groups, singers, musicians, and flamenco dancers.   I'm no expert on dance but I have seen quite a few flamenco dancers in my day but the expert sitting next to me said that if it were a competition they would have received a 4.5.   Overall though, with its history steeped in gypsies, Arab rule of Spain in the 8th century, it was fun and entertaining.  

What a great view of the city from where we are staying.  At night with the city lights, it is magnificent.

We headed home and up to the wonderfully delicious terrace that overlooks the city of San Miguel.  If we were rich gringos this would be a place for us.  The views, the light, cool breezes and the quiet that surrounds the neighborhood is more than indescribable.  We enjoyed a drink or two up there and had a great conversation.  Pea, the fur child we are caring for, joined us and listened in intently. 

Today is Sunday and we, as always, head to the "mercado grande" on the road to Queretaro or as others know it, La Luciernaga or Soriana.  They have all kinds of things from tools, to fresh produce to clothes and food stands.  We split a slice pizza, 30 pesos de carnitas, and come home with two fresh out of the oven brownies.  This woman had just opened up her stall and there were ten people in line to buy cakes, loaves of bread, and pies all at very reasonable prices.  Brownies were $.75 U.S., a slice of delicious pecan pie (that we bought to share tomorrow) $1.25 U.S. and chock full of pecans.  

The downside is that the old market no longer exists.  It was an intriguing labyrinth of precariously draped tarps, some with stands others with tables or just laid out on the floor.  Since we were here, they have constructed huge metallic hangars, for lack of a better word with giant concrete slabs.  It is definitely cooler, cleaner and easier to move around but it has lost its je ne sais quio.  

All of this is part of what change, advancing is all about.   Now if we can just get all of these people enrolled as tax payers and contribute their fair share.  

As a side note, I was surprised no one said anything about my "UFO" picture.  I found it intriguing to say the least.  As you can tell from the original and the close up, the object was huge.  I'm still researching it though.

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