Sunday, July 7, 2019

Tioga and George Are Slowly Drifting Away

This will probably be my last post about George.  I still go back to his webpage and read a blog post or two.  It's a great library of information and I'm just not sure how much longer it will be around for us to read.   Check it out if you get the chance Tioga and George Vagabonders Supreme

I noticed last week that George's blog has dropped off the main page of Croft's Wanderings.  It's still there but you have to go into the "show all" at the bottom of the list.   Some good reads in there and good memories.

Here is a mail I really liked from George.  He and I had talked about his first trip to Mexico.  In February 2005 he had just returned from his first Mexico adventure.  I wrote to him about some of the comments viewers had left.  This is what I wrote and his response in February 2005.

Date sent: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 08:44:26 -0800 (PST)
From: CMB 
Subject: Back Home

Thanks for a great three-month adventure. 

I hope that everything is fine with your son and you are back in business, boondocking that is. 
I see you are getting Ms Tioga ready for the road again. 

Your trip plan sounds like a real winner.

 I am heading out again on March 20th for two weeks. All boondocking. 
 First heading back to Hacienda Viejo Padilla (Tamaulipas), Barra El
 Tordo (coast of Tamaulipas), Tajin Ruins (Veracruz) there is a great 

 festival there I want to check out, heading back to the beach and home
 again. Two days here to enjoy the newly remodeled pool, and then off
 to San Antonio, TX for the TESOL international convention.
 I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and had no problems in Mexico. It would
 be good to see a page on your blog dedicated to this trip with a brief
 on what was good and what was difficult. It then could be used as a
 tool for those wishing to venture down here without discouragement from

 the naysayers.
 Keep up the good work.
 Chris Bauer

Not sure why, but it took me three years after this mail to start my own blog.  Here is George's response:

"George S. Lehrer"  wrote:
Hi Chris,

I understand what you would like to see in a webpage. And, I
understand why you want such a page.

My blog speaks for itself, Chris. Those who read my blog understand
what a wonderful place that Mexco can be for an RVer. Those who
are looking for negatives about Mexico, will always be able to find
those negatives.

There is a certain amount of xenophobia concerning Mexico. My blog
opens up the reality of Mexico, so that readers can see what actually
happens to an RVer while visiting all over the Baja.

Do you agree?


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  1. We were lucky enough to meet up with George three times in Mexico. He was certainly a wealth of information.