Sunday, August 18, 2019

Arrived In Ensenada

We left the house at 4:15 in the morning and arrived at the airport by 5 a.m.  Obviously, no traffic at that hour.  The flight left on time and we arrived 15 minutes early.  VivaAerobus is a super discount airline that has a fleet of Airbus A320s that are less than four years old.  We slept part of the 2-hour 45-minute flight and the rest we talked and shared our cinnamon sweet rolls we brought with us.  Coffee was 35 pesos, large and very cargado  (strong). 

Once we arrived in Tijuana, a beautiful airport, very modern and has all the services, we went to the interior bus station and purchased our tickets to Ensenada.  We used our senior discount card and received 50% making our one hour and 45-minute bus ride along the rocky coast 165 pesos ($8.85 U.S.).  

The coastline is really beautiful although it was early in the morning and a bit overcasts.  Lots of rv campgrounds along the coast with signs making it clear they are family-oriented.  Stepping out of the airport terminal in Tijuana we got our first taste of cool air, 18C.   

Our Airbnb was not available until 3 p.m.   Once we arrived at the bus station we took an Uber to the marina.  A true tourist place, very clean, open and with lots of restaurants to fit any budget.  We are very impressed.  Mazatlan should take note, it really draws the crowds and, of course, many are from San Diego that come down for the day.   There are all types of harbor tours from 40 pesos on up.   With time to kill, we went to the Cin√©polis movie theater and watched an early morning matinee using our senior cards.  The movie was $2.25 per person with the discount.   After, we walked two blocks to the malecon and had some really tasty fish tacos and a cold beer. 

By that time, we were almost ready to go to our Airbnb stopping along the way at the supermarket for some supplies.   We arrived about 20 minutes early and our host was waiting for us.  Another good choice, but as I said, far from the beach but very homey and comfortable.  We are lining up a trip to the vineyards not sure yet though if we will rent a car or take an Uber.  Some of the advertised tours from San Diego run as high as 1400 dollars.  Our two Uber drivers said they would spend the day with us for less than $60 U.S.  We will probably choose two well-known wineries such as La Cetto which is our favorite label and one small micro-winery.  

Overall, it was an excellent day.  We watched the sunset from the terrace, ordered a pizza and enjoyed happy hour.  More later.


  1. Sounds like you will be having a wonderful time after a great first day.

  2. You did a lot considering you had been up so early. Those shrimp almost look farmed as they are so consistently perfect but at those prices!!