Sunday, August 11, 2019

How I Am Escaping The Apocolypse

I cooked chicken in the crockpot yesterday in the rv using solar.  Too hot to cook in the house.  Then today, we decided to grill some steaks.  They were great but we don't do this often.  

You can see the grass and how dry it is.  We may start watering but we are entering a drought.

When I say "apocalypse" I am referring to the extreme heat the planet is experiencing.  Imagine, all the ocean ice alongside of Alaska, Greenland's major ice melt this last week, history breaking record temperatures that are now unbearable.   The last 7 days and the next 6 days will bring us 103F or 40C here at home.   I p--- and moan about it but I should be thankful that we have air conditioning although we use it diligently.   The bedroom A/C runs from happy hour to 5 a.m. the next day.  I just received our two-month billing for electric and it was 800 pesos or roughly $40 U.S. or $20 U.S. per month.  Not bad.  I even surprised myself.  There is a trick here with the CFE or electric company.  The formula and I want to verify it this week, says you cannot exceed your allotment of 800 KWHs per bimester (in this area).  However, that is rolled into what I think is a six-month period.  That is to say, you can exceed the limit on a bimester but it is the six-month accumulation that counts.  We'll see.  

My birthday is next week on such and such a day and I don't want to be here.   We thought about Las Vegas because we like Cirque du Soliel and I wanted Juan to see Mystere.  Sounded good but it is hotter in Vegas than here.  Plus, after booking, you find out about resort fees of $40 a day per room.  That's another $240 for the trip.   It is what it is, I know but all things considered, I said to forget it.

Taking the rv somewhere is out of the question.  Everywhere is hot right now and if it is in the mountains, the days are baking but the nights cool.  Driving in this heat, with air conditioning, is still uncomfortable and I wouldn't want to risk the SUV.

Solution:  We are taking a $99 U.S. round trip to Tijuana and spending the week along the beach in Ensenada.  Cool days and chilly nights.  My kind of place.  Plus, a chance to take a winery tour of Baja wines, and visit local museums and sights.   

We will have to take the bus from Tijuana airport to Ensenada, but the route is along the coast and it is gorgeous.  I did this a few years ago.  So, a week of R&R sounds good to me.  

BTW, an interesting thing occurred over the weekend.  I attempted to make the reservations four times using both a Mexican and American credit card.  All of them were rejected and our U.S. card put on hold with a fraud alert.  Long story short, the D-bag supervisor from the airline had the "huevos" to tell me that it could be the internet signal.  Really?  Ha haha.  My bank in San Antonio couldn't figure it out either and our CC was put on a 48-hour hold.  I went to HEB yesterday and all of a sudden they announced, "Due to system problems with MasterCard and Visa, we are only accepting cash".  The company that manages the merchants and terminals went down for 16 hours.  I knew there was an issue.  Problem fixed now and we are set to travel.


  1. I have been intrigued by the wine region of Baja / Valle de Guadalupe, but haven't as of yet ventured much off the main bus route. I look forward to hopefully reading about your visit. Have a nice birthday celebration.

  2. Nice that you can get away and enjoy some R & R. great to get the CC issue resolved.

  3. I say go for it and spend what you need to celebrate you special day in style. You only live once. You have to start living each day to its fullest.

  4. Wine tasting in Valle de Guadalupe is fun, lots of wineries - our favorite is one called Tres Mujeres. When we were there years ago the tasting room was in a little cave and the production was quite small. According to friends who were there recently it's grown a bit, and it even has a small restaurant that they enjoyed. Good reds, recommend checking it out if you get a chance.