Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A 40 Year Celebration of Classmates - More Rain :(

Saturday, a group called Los Nada (The Nothings) came together to celebrate 40 years of friendship and school memories.  I tried to put on the dog and make a good impression since I really only know one of the persons in the group.  Juan's classmates from 1979 got together here at the house.  They have that group name because they never wanted to participate in union-organized marches. Instead, they all stayed in the classroom to study.

We grilled some steaks, made a great salad and shared a couple bottles of wine over stories from their youth.  I learned a lot and also, previous stories told to me rang true and familiar.  They all rediscovered themselves via Whatsapp and Facebook and chat frequently.  Like almost all of our friends from school or from the dance group, they have all done well in life from education, work to family.  It says a lot about people who work together and have discipline in life.  Most if not all came from humble beginnings only to turn out well and now their kids and grandkids have followed suit. Believe it or not, they range in age from 62 to over 80.

So good to see all of them with a great life, a wonderful Mexican pension, traveling and enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Congratulations Los Nada!  Now you are something!

On another note, the rains are on again and aren't going to let up in the next 10 days.  We had a pretty good downpour today after having the pool cleaned.  It turned green, again!  That's life here.

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