Thursday, September 19, 2019

Rving In Mexico This Winter? Consider A Side Trip Via Air

The trips we have made this year for both work and pleasure have proven how inexpensive it is to fly in Mexico.  As I have said before, we have three major discount airlines; Interjet, Volaris, and Vivaaerobus with another lesser-known option TAR a regional carrier.

This morning as I was reading Facebook,  and I came across a post from a major travel bus website similar to those used for airlines such as Kayak, Trivago, and Expedia, to name a few.  They had an offer, Monterrey - Puebla, one way for 1606.50 pesos.   The trip is 14 hours non-stop.  My jaw dropped thinking "that's a long trip and a bit expensive".

Then I went to Vivaaerobus and checked for a one way for next week and the price with taxes comes to764.86 pesos.  Less than half the bus fare and only 1 hour and 35 minutes of flight time.  The airfare is calculated on only having one carryon under 10 kilos (purse or laptop included).  That's cheap.  All of the jets are Airbus A320s and less than four years old.  

Take a look:

If you're rving in Mexico for several months, why not consider a side trip for the holidays or a four-day weekend somewhere different?   Leave your rv at the rv park, paid parking at most airports in Mexico is less than 150 pesos a day or roughly $8 U.S.   You might even consider taking an Uber to the airport to make it even more trouble-free.   Once you arrive at your destination, stay in a City Express hotel.  They are a discount hotel chain that offer Junior, Plus and Suites with two or more of the brands located in the same property but with different levels of service.  We stayed at the CE Junior in Tijuana just five minutes from the airport for $40 U.S. and we took it just because we had a layover there.  Go one step better and book an AirBnb for true comfort and price.

So much to see and do in Mexico and sometimes we get accustomed to deadhead one destination for the complete winter season.

This is just a thought as we like to get out and about when we are on the road.  We never stay in one place that long anyway.  If you want more information, feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment.  

This is not a paid announcement 😀


  1. Wow..have you thought of being an online travel agent in your retirement😊

  2. Yep, we have flown within Mexico quite a few times. Always been an inexpensive and good experience!

  3. When is a good tine to visit Monterrey this winter?

  4. Hello! This is a super informative blog , thank you! My husband and I are currently full time RV’ers that are looking to RV across Mexico through the Topolobampo port into Guatemala. Is there a highway or route you would suggest ? Any advice would be appreciated - thank you!

    1. CandC thank you. A lot depends on your travel preferences. You can take the coastal route down through Oaxaca to the Guatemalan border or the central route with mountains and forests, my preference. I don't like noseeums. That route takes you around Mexico City and down to Guatemala. Maybe others will chime in. You can also email for more info.