Thursday, March 26, 2020

Mexican Shelter In Place - It's Easy

I was going to say that unless you live in Laguna de Sanchez, which is up in the mountains from our house at 5000 ft with a population of 250, you won't be able to do this.  That's no longer true.  All of the construction material; tile, cement, grout, quartz countertop, stove, and window were all ordered online from home.  Sure they had to come and do some measuring for the countertop but I did send them approximate dimensions that I had taken to get the estimate.

Today, all of these places will deliver wherever you are.  It may have a price, but nonetheless, t is possible and makes "shelter in place" much, much easier.  Did I mention grocery shopping?  All the major supermarkets in and around metro areas have home delivery and the persons pulling the orders have criteria for choosing the best of produce and notifying the customer of out of stock and possible substitutions.  

I have watched videos of how to spend your time during the Covid-19 and creative things to do.  Go clean out your closet, paint some walls, wash the curtains, bedspreads, fancy pillow covers.  Dye some things and mix up the color.  You can get all you need online right here in Mexico.  

And for you special Costco and Sam's addicts who need "real" cheddar and "real" butter, well you can get that online as well and have it delivered to your doorstep.  Pay at checkout online, leave an envelope with a tip for the delivery driver if you wish and have him drop your order at the front gate or door.  

There is nothing agonizing about all this and by doing these things you'll be much safer if not safe from all the virus and bacteria.

Which leads me to another point I may have already made this week.  Viruses serve a purpose.  There is nothing on this planet that Mother Nature has not thought of.  Could it make you sick or kill you?  Sure, that's what nature does and we are all part of that big process.  Let me tell you if you think human beings are the la ti da of the planet well you have another thing coming.  This planet survived billions of years without us and until our great coming out party, survived just beautifully.  It wasn't until the last couple of millennia that the planet started to take a turn for the worse. That was when we came up with ways to save ourselves from all that ails us.  Because of that we now have extreme overpopulation which has brought deforestation, heating of the planet and the extinction of species not to mention the ease of spreading viruses. 

Go have a drink over this one and then you might be able to enjoy the fact that as we destroy the planet you can watch a movie in the comfort of your own home with the A/C or heating on and sip on a cool drink from that behemoth of a cooling device we call a refrigerator.  Remember 1918, there were no cooling devices, and shelter in place would have been extremely difficult, non-existence of ventilators and modern anti-viral drugs.  We should consider ourselves lucky.

Shelter in place, it's easy.  There are some who will find it difficult but I can't cure everyone's ailments.

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  1. We couldn't play nice, we took advantage and f$^%!ed things up hugely. And The Mother, she is p%^$ed.