Friday, March 2, 2012

Three Things

First things first, I'm sure most of you know John and Angela and may have already heard the sad news.   Gizmo passed away this week.  Gizmo visited us three years ago during the winter.  A bit grouchy but understood considering Gizmo lived to be 17 years old.   A real traveler and I know will be missed so much by John and Angela.  But the good news is that Gizmo waits at the end of the Rainbow Bridge ball in mouth and ready to play.

Second, my oldest sister Dorothy took a trip with a girlfriend to Bahamas leaving the husbands behind.  A well-deserved trip, they rv quite a bit and are avid boondockers in there year old fifth wheel that is beyond luxurious.  I'm glad she took the trip, it is good to get away once in awhile without the other half.   I'm sure she let loose as it was all inclusive!  Here is a picture of her enjoying her trip with the dolphins.  She becomes more beautiful as the years go by.   I love her!

Last but not least, today out of the clear blue, the temperature hit 40C.  Tomorrow it will return to the previous 24C.   This is a sign.  A sign that I need to get the calendar out and begin marking it with our activities and see when and where we can go to escape the heat this summer.  It will be a hot one.  Not sure yet what we will do but Juan has never seen the redwoods.  I lived in Sequoia back in the seventies.  


  1. Thanks for posting Gizzys picture Chris. I am sure he will be waiting at the river of life when we cross. He was possibly the most travelled Canadian dog in Mexico and he visited 27 Mexican states, walked on beaches in the golf of Mexico, the Caribbean, the Pacific and the sea of Cortez. We will miss him but have great memories.

  2. Chris thanks for the lovely tribute to Gizmo. We met him in Acapulco a few years back.

    Your sister must be proud to have you as her brother.