Thursday, April 2, 2015

Museum of Anthropology - Mexico City

Slept in late this morning after climbing the pyramids yesterday.   My knees were a bit sore but I went down to the gym to work out for an hour before breakfast.   Again, the breakfast here at the Holiday Inn is really good and the employees do a great job of serving everyone.  Even though it is a typical style hotel breakfast room the employees go out of their way to serve you and keep you happy.  

We took the Metrobus to Paseo de la Reforma where we hoped off and looked for a bus up the avenue to the Museum of Anthropology.   Here is our first shot of the avenue as we headed for the bus stop.  What a wonderful street to walk, ride or bike on.  Everyone is out walking their dogs, having a coffee and in general having a great time.  The paseo was built back in the 1860s and was modeled after European avenues and runs diagonally through the city.   There are bikes you can rent by just swiping your card, grabbing a bike and returning it to any station along the route or other parts fo the city.  We were going to ride back afterwards to Insurgentes but that didn't happen.

Getting off the bus we walked cross the street towards the museum.  On the parkway is a set of angel wings and everyone was lined up to have their picture taken.   I got in line and did the duty.

Crossing the street there are lots of food vendors in front of the museum in the park.  Behind them we found a group of Voladores de Papantla doing their ritual pole dancing.   Quite a sight for young kids gathered around them.

Ready to walk into the museum.  More than I had ever expected.

We have a dinner date with friends tonight so I am keeping this short but there are a ton of pictures I want to post.  I plan on putting them into collage pictures by category.   Way too many to post right now.  

I would say we raced through the museum.  We were there five hours and I want to go back another day because there was just so much to read about.   We got a good view of everything but now I know what to go back an focus on.  Everything is broke down into areas based on the different periods throughout American history.   Overwhelming is the only way to describe it.  

We have been to lots of museums in the Americas but I have to say that this is the best one ever.  Everything is pristine, perfect, well-marked and described.  Even in our short five hours I learned more than ever and I thought I knew a lot.  We have been to many ruins over the years and this puts things into perspective and gives it all order.


  1. Yes, a totally amazing museum. We spent a full day there!

  2. That is one of my most special museums. You could easily spend a week there and see something new the next day. I agree it is in a great location with so many neat parks around it. I can hardly wait to get back there.