Sunday, April 5, 2015

Next Stop - Xochimilco

A day late in posting the blog but we have been on the go all week.  Yesterday we headed out on the metro and went to the Xola station.   From there we took a pesera all the way to Xochimilco which was about 40 minutes.  Not the most comfortable ride but it was good sightseeing.   There are other modes of transport as well but this one worked great.

We've been to Xochimilco before so we didn't ride the lanchas.  Instead watched other people haggle over prices, board the boats and take off down through the canals.

The rest of the time we toured the town square, the cathedral and the market where we stopped for a quick lunch.

This picture was taken from inside the rickshaw we took while Xochimilco.  It is aluminum framing with thick clear plastic on three sides and a solid reflective white top.  There is room for four inside and the guy pedals the bike.   After the 15 minute ride I thought the guy would be out of breath so I asked him about the bike.  He said it is built with the center of gravity in mind and it is really easy with just two passengers.   

He charged us 10 pesos for the ride.   Going to the canals and back was a total of 11.50 per person.   It was a good 25 kms from the hotel to Xochimilco or more.  I need to check.  I made a mistake on the Metrobus price.  When we transfer, the tap card stores the information and know when we make a same day transfer at no charge.  So to go from the hotel downtown for example, taking two Metrobus lines, costs 6 pesos.   Monterrey is 10 pesos and most don't have transfers.

Last night we went to our favorite restaurant for a special celebration.  La Strega is located on Insurgentes just two blocks from our hotel.  We made reservations for 8:30.   Like always, the food, drink and service were excellent.   Because it was Easter weekend though, the violinists had the time off.   However they played their recorded music which was just as good.  You have to go to this restaurant if you are ever in Mexico City.

This is the capitan.  He mixes a mean martini.   He knows what we like and he served it well.

These pictures were all taken with my cell phone.  It doesn't have a zoom or flash so the night pics aren't so clear.  There are options though that I haven't used or discovered yet.  Still learning.  Love the phone though and it is a marvelous tool.  

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  1. Congrats on the special celebration. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. I think you have chosen a wonderful place to celebrate. Loved Xochimilco. Would have enjoyed seeing more of the town rather than just the water ways.