Monday, November 16, 2015

Canadians Heading South Stop By For a Visit

We had received a couple of emails in the last months asking about stopping by for a visit.   Majorie and Bob, Sue and Jerry are couples we met last winter while in Mazatlan.   We kept in touch and here they are.   Actually they arrived on Saturday and left early this morning.   We offered them posada at the resort we belong to in Montemorelos.   The manager loves rvers and was very happy to see two huge rigs lined up along side the pool area.  

They beat us to the resort.   Most people drive like snails and take a day to arrive.  Bob was in the lead and his GPS and my maps got them here in record time.  We had some wine and conversation and then headed home for the evening.   

The call was early up on Sunday and out for a tour of Monterrey at 9 a.m.  We arrived, they were ready and off we went.  This is a holiday weekend for us, three-day and also Buen Fin where Mexican merchants attempt to compete with the U.S. and Black Friday.   However, the weather this year may be against them.   It has been drippy, cloudy and foggy since our guests arrived but we wouldn´t let it stop us.

We went for a walk on the Paseo Santa Lucia.   There was a line of at least 100 people waiting to take a boat so we opted to walk the river.   Lots of conversation and I think they are impressed with our great city.   

We had lunch at the famous Taqueria Juarez downtown before heading home.   

We dropped everyone off for a nap and headed home only to return to a fantastic steak dinner with great salad, wine and bread.   Thou was seated next to me.   Great fun had by all and we just sorry that the weather wasn´t on our side and that they couldn´t stay longer.  But hey, I don´t blame them, their headed to the beach!

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  1. Thanks for the Great visit!
    Arrived safely on the Isla. Look forward to seeing you both at Christmas.