Saturday, November 7, 2015

Convention In Cancun

Little Bit was interested in going and hopped in the suitcase right away.  As we pulled out of the driveway Wednesday morning he sat on the porch with his head down.  I felt bad, still do.

I'll be short with some pictures.   The weather stinks.  It has rained in downpours everyday and the humidity is the worst I have ever experienced in my life.

I posted this on Facebook and it wasn't a shot that was planned.  As a side note I said, "and mine are real".

The hotel is right across from the beach.   It's one of the less-expensive places here.  It had been closed for a few years and recently reopened.   Mediterranean style, you enter through what appears to be a series of boutiques.  They are mostly empty.   There are 20 suites in total.   The room is huge, all marble floors and bathrooms with columns and arches.   A living room is on a lower level and the bedroom 6 by 6 meters.  Very comfortable but as for the rest of the hotel it needs updating.   We always book a room for the convention and arrive a day early to search in person.   Sorry, but who would pay $450 U.S. for a hotel room?  Not me.  Cancun has never impressed me.

My publisher's stand in the exhibition hall, University of Dayton.

The convention is a success with 3000 teachers in attendance.   The convention center is one of the better layouts in the country and can accommodate our large group easily.   BTW, the best part of our hotel room is the two-block distance from the convention center.   

In between is a huge three-story Chedraui super store that has incredible food to go or eat in.  High class and all prepared on-site and at the moment; pasta dishes, pizzas, sirloin burgers, vegetarian, oriental and more.   There is a huge wine selection that takes up one third of the second floor.   One thing I've never seen is a wine dispensing machine.   A stainless steel wheel with a ten bottle wine selection inside.   Crystal wine glasses sit on white cloth napkins.   You insert your credit card, make your wine selection and choose 1/4, 1/2 or full glass.   Meals are served with dinnerware and silverware.  We've eaten there all week and have yet to spend over 150 pesos for the two of us.  Yesterday Juan had four-cheese penne that was incredibly good and I had oriental rice and chicken. 

I had my workshop yesterday with over 100 teachers in attendance.  Staff from the University of Dayton in Ohio attended to see how I work.  They are offering me a contract of some kind in the next few weeks.  I'm still in the dark so that is up in the air.   Anyway, my talk was a success and everyone was happy.   

I had dinner with the authors, Mexico City staff and people from Ohio last night. 

Good fun, people and drinks.  Juan has his presentation today and that will be my focus.   We don't recognize many folks here anymore.   They're all retired and now we're the old folks.   

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  1. Sounds like a successful week despite the weather. We agree...Cancun is not our thing either.