Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bypassed Matehuala

I took off from the house yesterday morning at 7 a.m.  stopping to air up the tires and go by the ATM.   I use debit cards all the time but when you’re on the road it’s always good to have enough for at least one tank of gas in case there is no connection or they don’t accept cards.  Rarely does it happen but better to be on the safe side.

Off I went heading south towards Linares enjoying the scenery knowing the best of it was yet to come.  Turning right I headed up over the mountains.  I knew once I saw them I was really on the road and ready for adventure.  It was a very uneventful trip to say the least.   Very little traffic, I think I counted about 25 vehicles all the way from Linares to Hwy 57 and the Entronque San Roberto.   I changed the GPS to English and had a blast listening to my friend pronounce all the cities.  I don’t think a gringo would pronounce them like that.

Coming down off the mountains to San Roberto and Hwy 57

On to the 57 now and heading south.   I can’t believe it is such a crappy highway considering it is the direct route for trailer shipments to and from the U.S. heading to southern Mexico and Mexico City.  It appears the concrete days are over and they are repaving the south to north and quite a bit of it.   Crossing the border from San Luis Potosi to Guanajuato it is obvious that no work will be done on the 57 until the governor of the state is a PRI party member. 

Some new blacktop on the southbound.

Getting close to Matehuala, which was my first stop, I decided it was way to early and I made the quick decision to head straight to Guadalcazar.   Good thing I did.   Upon arrival to the small town there were a couple of policemen on the road.   I stopped and asked if it were a problem for me to spend the night.   They said welcome to the Festival of San Pedro.  There was a big event last night complete with rodeo.   I parked and headed for the festivities.  Turns out it was away from the main plazas so I couldn’t hear a thing when I went to bed.  The whole town came out for the event.  It was a little too crazy for me with everyone drinking, the horses and cattle and I don’t like animal cruelty not to say that for them it isn’t but for me it was too much.  Came home, had a drink and some dinner before reading my book and heading off to bed.

The road that leads to Guadalcazar, en excellent boondocking spot.

Rodeo time.

I set the alarm for seven but that wasn’t necessary.   The fireworks at six woke me up although I had already been up since about 5:15 and dozing.   Had a couple cups of joe and went for a walk before heading out.   Beautiful morning and the weather is so cool.  I slept with socks on and two blankets.   Little Bit was cold too, he was snuggled up next to me.  His eye is much better and he keeps it open all day now but at half mast sometimes.

Making a long story short, I arrived to San Miguel de Allende and to the botanical gardens.  Parked in the same spot the receptionist was happy to see me.   She had been told to expect me.  I saw Mario the director and we chatted for a bit.  So here I am and ready to hit the gym in the morning and check in with the organization where I will be volunteering.


  1. Great trip. I love that drive to Linares! Give us a photo of your parking spot at the gardens. Are you there for work?

  2. Enjoy the town and be safe best wishes les

  3. It is nice to be able to picture exactly where you are, we love San Miguel. We miss it on a daily basis having spent three months there. We really enjoyed the botanical gardens, we shared the experience with Kevin and Ruth. We lived at the very top of Azteca one street below the start of Los Balcones, that hill was such a killer for me!

  4. How I envy you being in San Miguel! But not long now and I will live there (November). Still, it calls to me when I hear you (or anyone) talk about it. Beautiful sky and mountains in your photo - I look forward to travel within the country, and getting to know the cities and towns. It's always interesting to see and hear about your travels. Thanks for taking us along!

    Barbara Lane