Friday, July 1, 2016

Today Is Quincena

Pretty much settled in here at the botanical gardens in San Miguel de Allende.  The trailer is performing at its best.  Two small glitches but  they really do no harm.  One is the antenna.  I need to fix the coax connection on the roof.  Getting up there is a bit difficult without a ladder.  I’ve used the SUV before but it’s not the safest.   The other is a drip from the toilet, fresh water.   I capped it and will just pour water when needed.   I plan on going through the Thetford parts list on line and maybe I can find a piece, order it and have Juan bring it down in a few weeks.

I had a great encounter last night.   I spotted a very nice Class B motorhome in the parking lot.  Towards closing, a couple from Quebec with their two daughters approached wondering if it was safe to spend the night out in front.   I told them yes and they pulled in across the road.  They are taking a trip from Quebec to Panama and back.  Lucky kids to experience this at such a young age.   They said they are selling their motorhome on the way home.  Next trip they need something a bit bigger with the family.  I would love to have that to travel to Chile. 

Today was managing “pendientes” (things to do).  I have a refund from my medical insurance I no longer carry as I am now in the social system.  Not a big amount but enough to pay the house insurance for the year.  The bank won’t honor the letter because the name doesn’t match my U.S. passport.  You’d think they would accept my Mexican residency card.   Oh well, that looks like an easy fix.  Went to our bank to pay the house insurance and today is “quincena” or payday.  The lines were way too long.   As they say, put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Showers at the gym.  Did I mention a sauna?  Nice!

I started at the gym and it will work out beautifully.   Although I like to shower before and after the gym I will use the facilities after workout.  Saves on water and I don’t want to have to pick up and move for a day to dump and then come back.  Hopefully now, I can put it off until we take off for Zacatecas.  I even rinsed out my workout shirt in the shower.  

I’ve always said, if we were to boondock in the U.S. for any length of time, we would take out a Gold’s Gym membership.  Most of their gyms are open 24 hours.  We can park overnight without any hassle, I mean what do I tell a cop, “sorry, but I’m here to work out, I have odd work hours”.  Another good and inexpensive source for overnighting.  It’s not in a pine forest but it serves dual purpose.

I wanted to see PBS News Hour update but didn’t want to use up my Telcel stick.  I went to cyber café and downloaded the hour program via aTubeCatcher for 7 pesos.   I had a great happy hour tonight watching the news.  Once the antenna is fixed I can have local Mexico news in the mornings.  Not a big television fan but I do like my news.

Tomorrow I’m heading down to centro for some early morning walking after the gym.   Maybe I’ll have a sidewalk brunch after workout J  Instead of goofing on bums, I think I’ll pick on a few snobby noses.

This place is like a labyrinth, I could walk here all day.


  1. If you cross over the dam there are lots of great walks on the paths over there and my favorite hike you could do from the gardens is to the canyon, waterfall and suspension bridge behind Mega e mail me if you want directions and at 8am on Sunday morning at the Pemex station by Cinco de mayo a hiking group meets you would enjoy that ask for Pierre..cheers les

  2. Pic on a few sloppy noses! That shall be fun., if you ever have lunch at Los Milagros and happen to hear Jack and Francis play guitar, could you kindly give them warm greetings from David and Marina

  3. Happy to hear it is all working out for you. Enjoy!