Thursday, July 21, 2016

When You Don't Fit In

I've never really fit in.  This picture is another example.  I can wear the suit but it's just not me!

It's really quite interesting how life is.  I spent almost a month boondocking.  As you know, I moved here to the rv park because of the storms coming and the fact that we need to leave the rv somewhere while we go to a meeting.  I feel like I've been a bad boy and I'm being punished being locked up in this weird environment.   

The funny part is that it's hard to restructure the brain.  I had difficulties reaching the electric outlet even though I had calculated the distance based on the best spot.  I tried different things to no avail.  The neighbors on both sides aren't here this weekend.  That's a good thing.  So I came back inside and pondered my options.  I saw my beloved extension cord but thought, " if I use the extension cord I won't be able to hookup the electric blanket".  Why not you might ask?  Because I was thinking I was still on solar.   I swear, I have become so addicted to being off grid that I could do this forever.  The solar works so well.   I would make some upgrades but other than that I have had an absolutely incredible few weeks boondocking.

However, the impending storm looms overhead and not being very level I didn't want to take on water through the bottom of the front door.   Did I mention that I took the door jam across the bottom apart only to find out it had never had any sealant of any kind?  Unbelievable.  The rv industry is highly unregulated.  That is fixed now and it was well-tested during the other nights storm.  Funny, a tree next to the bedroom slide started to grow onto the rv.  I had to move the rv forward a bit with the slide halfway out.

Another thing is the internet.  I have become used to using my Telcel USB stick that now with a connection, I'm still thinking "conserve the megabytes".   I'm free to use the internet signal but the mindset has changed.   I'll get used to it shortly.  BTW, the best sites I have found that consume the least amount of megas are FaceBook and Rv.Net.   Rv.Net I can read all night and it uses very little bandwidth.  

Well, I'm settled now and waiting for the big reunion tomorrow night.   Can't wait.  We have dinner planned at an Italian restaurant here on the road to Dolores for Saturday night.  

A lot has changed at home.   All good but we're back to, "it's time to move on".   

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  1. I was laughing at your trying to work out the electrical situation. Glad yoi finally figured it out :)

    The very first RV we bought had a hole in the roof. We only found out after having it in storage for over a month during the West Coast rainy season. Apparently 'someone' had decided to move a vent or pipe of some sort but never closed the first hole over. The bedroom was a wet mess complete with growing mold on the walls. As it was under warranty it was properly repaired. Now we triple check every few months that everything is sealed as it should be. Colin likes to say that our RV is held together with caulking.

    Looking forward to hearing about 'time to move' part. Is this it, finally? Have a fun reunion, the three of you.