Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Big Storm - Time To Move


A huge storm is heading into southern and central Mexico this week.  Mexico City has already had severe flooding along with other states.  Guanajuato is next.   The winds are picking up and will hit 40 kms per hour by tomorrow night.  The forecast keeps changing but it looks like torrential rains by this weekend.

I think I will put off the move to the San Ramon Rv Park until Thursday afternoon.  I went by today to check.  It's summer so they have room although there were three rigs parked there.  No special discounts.  I guess not when you're the only game in town.  That's okay, we have to move anyway while we are in Mexico City.   What the heck, I've been lucky for the last three weeks being parked here at the botanical gardens.   Tanks are probably starting to burst anyway.

It's been fun.  The rains have been almost everyday making it hard to get out and do much hiking in the canyon.  Warnings have been out since the middle of last week about hiking, walking and driving.  The showers are isolated and seem to hit at anytime making it difficult.  

Anyway, we're looking forward to Friday and the rest of the summer trip.   I can't wait.  


  1. Hope you don't get waterlogged! Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your next location.


  2. Nice to see you making the best of the situation. Better yet that you are no longer on your own:)