Friday, January 13, 2017

Visitors and New Signs of Change

Marina and David came by for a couple of days.

I was surprised to see that even though they had visited several times before, they had never been to the waterfalls.  Off we went and they loved it.   They are great guests like all the rvers that come to stay with us.  Never had a bad experience.  

We watched Obama's farewell speech after a great dinner prepared by Marina.   We sat by the Christmas tree with the laptop in front of us with the feed from  We had a few drinks before hitting the hay.

They are heading down to their usual winter stomping grounds at Puerto Escondido with a week's stop in San Miguel de Allende at a house they have rented.   David posted pics from Dolores Hidalgo this afternoon I am assuming they spent the night there before moving to their rental today.

I took a couple of mountain shots while we were up high in the waterfalls.  I really enjoy the views we have here in our area.  It's too bad people are all too eager to "beat feet" across the border when in reality this area and the border are much safer than where most rvers spend their winters, statistics have proven.

The buzz this week is the gasoline prices but also be aware that you will be seeing some changes in gas stations.   OXXO Gas has opened its chain of stations along with their convenience stores which provide a world of services from bank deposits, money tranfers, wire transfers from store to store, car insurance and the list goes on.   You will be guaranteed liter for liter of fuel.   Change is coming to Mexico and has been in the works for years.  Lets get rid of this ancient dinosaur of a nationalized oil company that has pretty much ruined the Mexican economy for years with corrupt unions and employees on the take and ring a new era that is more globally competitive.

Seven 11 or Super 7 is also introducing their own brand and logo and have begun this month to open or revamp their stores and stations.   And you thought this would never happen!


  1. Nothing is better than good, healthy competition! Great photos.

  2. Keep us posted on the gas prices and differences between the stations. In Canada we have many stations to choose from but the price is all identical and agreed to behind closed doors that we do not have the key to.