Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Winter or Summer? Which Is It?


Cerro de la Silla (Saddleback Mountain)

First, just a comment.  My last post I wrote about the border area of Mexico.   There was no response about how you feel regarding the northern states of Mexico and the information I posted.   Factual, it is true that the border area from Reynosa to the west is relatively safe compared to where most rvers winter in Mexico.  I guess like most things, it's about knowing first hand and having reliable information.  Sometimes our comforts zones can fool us.  Being around people (other rvers, ex-pats, like-minded people) help to create a bubble of security.\

The weather here is an oddity by any means of the word.   We are experiencing 35C days and 10C nights.   An extreme contrast for us in this northern clime of Mexico.   It makes you wonder about global warming, what it means and what are the implications.  I know some of you think it is a hoax but I believe it's a hoax in the sense that we are being fed a line that it is man-made.   Couldn't it be both nature and man?

What if we step back and take a look at science.   We live in a capsule.  Nothing enters Earth's atmosphere except for those stray bullet meteors.   All of which are made of inert materials such as metal ores.   If it's a capsule that cannot be penetrated by other means, it also says that what is inside the capsule cannot escape.  Mother Nature creates certain safeguards to ensure that the air contains 21% oxygen.   There are devices designed to help eliminate pollutants such as carbon dioxide.   However, Mother Nature didn't count on man's ability to tinker with her process.   

Think of your garage as Mother Earth.  Line it with trees, a small kiddie pool of water and then turn on your car's engine.  Do you truly believe you'll survive because you have the right mix of what we believe Mother Nature provides to cleanse the air we breathe?   Add up all the vehicles, ships, trains, motors, compressors, factories and their machinery, home appliances, air conditioners.   They all create some type of gas that enters the atmosphere.   They all generate heat.   Doesn't that set off an alarm?   

For many years it was believed that the oceans absorbed this heat.   If it did or does, where does the heat go?  Into the water?   Doesn't it then heat the water?  Can we deny the fact that fossil fuels; gasoline, petrol products, paints, plastics and the list goes on, don't do harm to the planet, the creatures who inhabit it including plant and ocean life?  Let's say that worse case scenario is that it creates visual pollution such as we see over major cities like Los Angeles and Mexico City.   Isn't that enough to motivate us to look for alternatives?

We're in trouble as a planet and as the population grows, and the airs blackens, waters become polluted it's obvious that this isn't normal.

Juan decided to correct an anomaly in his primary dentation (a crooked tooth).  He has braces for the next four months.  Good to have a dentist in the family.

On a much lighter note, Little Bit purposely missed his cat box the other day.  He knew I wasn't happy.   I asked him why he did it and this is the look he gave me.

Back on the road Thursday.  I head out for Mexico City to train some nuns at a private Catholic school.  That will be interesting.  I'll have to watch my Ps and Qs.  Then a vacation weekend away in February.  I'll keep that secret for awhile and then back to Mexico City for the International Best of British where I'll be speaking on Social and Emotional Learning.  

We want to go to Machu Pichu for Spring break but the dollar and the exchange rates are crazy right now.  Not sure what to do.  


  1. If a nun asks you to put out your hand,make sure she isn't packing a ruler.

  2. I sent you a email with some thoughts.

    1. I did receive your it, will be talking to you. As far as northern Mexico I have always felt safe while in RG valley traveling into Mexico.