Thursday, April 26, 2018

1870 Earthquake Quito - Then and Now

I had said that I found a picture of the 1870 Quito earthquake at the Cuena museum and that I was going to find the street and take a current day picture to see if it was the same.  You be the judge.


April 2018 looks the same.

I would think that most of us associate our Mexico experience with the rest of Latin America.  Mexico has a thriving economy no doubt but also has its downside such as corruption at the citizen level not to mention a litter problem.  As I have mentioned several times so far, Ecuador is one of the cleanest South American countries I have seen.  People don't tolerate litterbugs and aren't shy telling them either.

As for transit police, yes they exist but they aren´t out on the hunt.  The system is technologically advanced.  Cameras exist on all major highways, towns, and cities.   As you commit an infraction, points go on your record.  Collect 30 points and your license is revoked.   Drunk driving is immediate incarceration.  Should your license get revoked, it is six months of classes to get it back.  My coworkers in Mexico are known for speeding.  Of the eight that chauffered me around in Ecuador, none took the chance of speeding.  Truly amazing.  

Oh, and did I mention the fines?  For the first 1 to 10 km over the speed limit, in addition to the points, $180 (u.s.) fine, and for every 10 km more it continues to double.  Do 140 km and you lose your license.  

More pictures to come.  I´m just unpacking and yet tomorrow I fly to Merida where I will speak to a group of 150 teachers.  I'll be back home Saturday in time for happy hour.  Of course!

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  1. Great post Chris. Thanks! We too have heard great things about Ecuador and it is definitely on our radar of possibilities to visit and spend a winter. I really love their strict controls on driving. I think both the US and Canada could sit up and take notice.

    I have to say that the litter in Mexico is one thing that has always saddened me. Such a beautiful country. Spectacular people. Hopefully one day the litter issue will change but then, we all have lots to learn from each other. I would love to think some of the family values that we have witnessed in Mexico would come up to Canada.....wishful thinking perhaps but it seems that there is so much multi-generational love that we don't always see up here.

    We love it there and are looking forward to our next extended 4 months January to April 2019. Hopefully, we will finally get to meet you and Juan.....Valle de Juarez perhaps???