Sunday, April 22, 2018

Cuenca - Saturday Afternoon

After returning from the museum and ruins, I took a short nap.  My short walk to the main plaza was about 3 km.  Nice walk but coming home it was raining pretty hard so I took a taxi, $1.50.  Just about everywhere in Cuenca is less than $2 for a taxi.  

What a surprise!   The centro area of Cuenco is amazing.  Reminds me of a much larger SMA but a bit more updated and well-maintained.  Cuenca is considered the most European style city in Ecuador with its 16th and 17th-century Spanish architecture.   It was founded a few decades after Quito and Guayaquil by the explorer Gil Ramirez Davila.

Let's face it, and I hate to, but Mexicans are litterbugs.  Here, you can spend all day looking for something on the ground.  A stray would have a hard time getting fed and you don't see any strays around either.

                                      Stopped here to people watch and have my coffee.

I stopped for a coffee and headed to the zocalo to find a seat.   Beautiful gardens and friendly people.  A couple of shoe shiners, someone was selling popcorn and a woman took pictures of people with her Saint Bernard next to them.  Beautiful dog and I bet he enjoys the cool evenings.  

My friends having chips.

I kept asking for a tiendita, or tienda de conveniencia, you know an OXXO but didn't get a response.  Then I saw two teens having a bag of chips in another plaza.   I asked them where I could find some chips and they said, over there in the dispensa.  Who knew!

Rain clouds looming overhead.

I also found some nice shops for souvenirs.  I'm not saying what I bought so far but they are things for the house.  Every time I visit a country, first time or more, I always pick up something for the house.  

I'm back in Quito.  My flight left at 9 a.m.   No one could get to the airport because they had the streets blocked off for a cycling and running event.   Eight of us taking the same flight had to walk about six blocks to get a taxi and then we got into an argument with a transito.   I spent the afternoon here in Quito exploring the downtown area.  

Up at 5 a.m. tomorrow for a trip to Latacunga to visit a university there.  


  1. Up at 5 a.m. tomorrow for a trip to Latacunga to visit a university there.

    I see there's a volcano to climb near there!

  2. I agree about Mexicans being litterbugs. Have thought about a campaign to hopefully change that (or change it to a degree) but no idea what would light the fire. It's too bad. I always say Mexico isn't pretty (because of the litter and graffiti and poverty) but it's beautiful.

    This is such an interesting trip you're on - and to think it's part of work! Very nice. What's the food like overall? Diverse and interesting and good?

  3. I never seem to see a sunny day in Cuanca. But it sure is pretty.