Sunday, November 10, 2019

Shopping In Queretaro - Dinner Out With Friends

It was a long weekend starting on Friday.  Barbara, Juan and I took a drive to Queretaro.  Barbara had wanted to go to Costco, the new HEB and we wanted to see how much the city had changed.  Well, it has changed and is growing.  Queretaro is known becoming the next major industrial, financial and educational hub in Mexico.  The nouveau riche has moved in and as much as I don't care for big cities, this is turning out quite nicely.  Unfortunately, it is becoming very unpopular in Mexico to be upper-middle-class and that's a bad thing. 

Soriana or La Comer has opened a very high-end supermarket called City Market.  We didn't buy anything but the place definitely shows how the Mexican economy has grown.  This picture is the seafood department where you can sit down at the bar and have a nice seafood lunch with cocktails and finish with expresso and fresh baked French goods from their bakery.

We ate at the gourmet bar.  Pricey for a supermarket lunch but very good.  Barbara had a glass of wine with her lunch I passed as I was the designated driver.  We had fish and chips and Juan had tacos Gobernador, that were super gourmet and probably the best we have ever tasted in any Mexican restaurant.  The service was truly the best.

Not something we'd do everyday but when you have such good company you can't help but spurge.  We're back in SMA with our 35 peso breakfasts.  😅

On the highway, to Queretaro, we passed a "cabalgata" which is a horseback ride.  Literally hundreds of horses and riders for miles and miles.  They eventually made their way to SMA and we saw them all day Saturday riding around town.

This is a seafood restaurant on the highway just outside of Queretaro.  That would be interesting to see the interior.

We returned late to SMA, around 5 p.m. just hitting traffic.  Wow, SMA, some traffic.  It took us all of a couple of minutes to get down the hill from the highway.  Beautiful views though.

After dropping off Barbara, we were lucky to have caught this beautiful sunset.  

Les had emailed me to say that Mike and Terri were in SMA and if we wanted to get together.  He arranged a wonderful dinner Saturday night at Hechos.  While there, we talked up the night about Mike and Terri's adventures through Alaska, their new book, and now their South American adventures.  They have a new to them Airstream class B that would be just the fit for us.  We're still looking.  Thanks Les for getting us all together, it was a lot of fun. 

 We ended the evening with a drink out on the terrace.  We've had a good stay at this house, loved the cats, but now it is time to move on.  We will Airbnb for three days before moving to the next house and a whole new adventure.


  1. Great write up and yes a wonderful evening cheers les

  2. The adventure just goes on and on for you guys! Love reading about it!