Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CFE - The System Really Does Work

On this post I had talked about the outrageous amount we were paying for electricity. The electric company said we were above average usage for the area in which we lived (duhhhhhhh) and that put us in the DAC rate, or to say "you're screwed and we are charging you the highest rate possible". The solution, according to the CFE, was to reduce usage for six months and the rate would drop.
Well, we drained the pool for the Winter, decided not to use the minisplits for heating, replaced all the lights in and outside with either flourescent lighting or heavy duty LEDs. Anything with a heating element; blow dryer, microwave, coffeemaker, etc. was used but with extreme care. While we were gone for extended days, we turned off all power strips, ceiling fans, and used timers for nightime lighting to say there was someone home. I also reduced the size of the lights outside the gates to 15 watts as they use a sensor and flourescents won't work well and burn out quickly.
I am happy to report that our bill went from 3500 pesos, to 1775 pesos and now we are down to the new rate (Amen, Haleluya, kiss the ground) came in at 355 KwHs for two months, from December 8th through February 9th, for a total price of 448 pesos. That's from 3 pesos per KwH to 1.34 pesos per KwH.
Now, comes the hard part. How do we run the pool and use the air conditioner at night during the Summer months? We may be elgible for a Summer subsidized rate now that we are within the range. Next week I will visit the CFE and talk with an engineer about how to manage my power and to see what I need to do to tie solar into the grid now that it has been approved for Mexico.

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  1. Use solar heating for the pool Chris! a couple of hundred feet of black plastic pipe on the roof and a small 12 volt (also run by solar panels) to circulate it. Your pool will be too hot to use before you know it. My son's in-laws do this and it even works in Canada!