Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CFE-La Queja del Día (Complaint of the Day)

Complaint of the day, what is it? Well, if you know me, I have many. However, today is a bone of contention that has bothered me for the last six years of living here in the countryside. Let me see if I an explain all this and how it works.

Today I stopped by my accountant's office to pay him and to pick up my taxes. I noticed he had a copy of his paid electric bill attached to his meter. He thinks like I do. For utility payments we both wait until the last day to make the payment. It is a personal issue. Why? Is the CFE going to give me a discount if I pay early? I doubt it. Will I receive a rebate from them because I am a good consumer and pay on time? Forget about it. So that is why he had a copy of his bill attached to the meter in case he was on the list for disconnection he had proof he had paid.

I read his bill and went through the roof. He is a business, pays commercial rate, had a monthly usage of 1400 KwHs and paid 3600 pesos (approx). Take a look at my bill below. My usage was 1008 KwHs, was a bi-monthly billing (once every two months) I am a residential user, and I paid 3341.62 pesos. So my usage was only 504 KwHs per month.

I got the screws. But this isn't new. I have been around and around with these guys over the price per KwH. I am in the highest rate for residential, DAC, alto consumo (high usage). How can that be?

So, Sr. Contador got out my bills for the last year that he has on record and compared his to mine. We went to the CFE webpage and looked at all the rates. In very fine print is the following: Se considera de alto consumo cuando registra un consumo mensual promedio superior al límite de alto consumo definido para tu localidad. It is considered HIGH USAGE when the average monthly usage is higher than the average for the area. Well, that stinks because most of my neighbors don't live here. Some come only once a year so their usage is zip, nil or none and they are charging me the highest rate of .25 cents U.S. for each KwH.
I pay this bill tomorrow or Thursday in person and will talk to the manager on duty again. This stinks. Don't get me wrong, I love Mexico, but we don't live in a perfect world.


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  1. Shocking that they have you in DAC rating, unless you run a business out of your house!

    We are in Mazatlan, where residential is 1D rating. Puerto Vallarta to the south is a different rating, and Monterrey will be on a different rating yet.

    I hope you can straighten that out because you aren't consuming enough to be in DAC rating. We use more electricity than that on D1. You are paying alot of money to the CFE so find out your proper residential rate code for Monterrey and go after them. I know others who have fought them and won! Good luck.