Thursday, June 5, 2008

Metrorrey (Monterrey Subway)

This morning I decided to stop downtown and catch the Metro out to the university. As I mentioned the other day we have two Metro lines now. They are incredibly fast, clean and efficient. You be the judge, take a look.

The cars and stations are well-maintained and have security. There haven't been any problems on the Metro since its start 15 years ago.
The ticket machine dispenses tickets based on the number you want to buy. The more you buy, the greater discount you receive. I purchased two tickets but I realized later I only needed one as I got off the Metro at the university but didn't leave the station so there was not a second charge.

The lines are both under and above ground. I started out in the MacroPlaza underground and we came up about four kilometers down the line and went 30 meters up over the street out to the university. As I came back and left the underground, I saw a woman carrying what I thought was a baby. Can you see what she is carrying?
As Austin Power's Gold Member would say, "Isn't that weird!".
Have an excellent day and don't waste a second of it. The clock moves forward but never goes back!

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