Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nuevo Leon - Summer Vacation Planning

I've made the decision to start working on the summer vacation plans. As I mentioned last week, with the high price of fuel in the U.S. we will be traveling here in Mexico and in fact, here in the state of Nuevo Leon. Even though I know many places here, there is so much more to explore and the plan will be to cover all 51 municipios or counties here in the state. I just need to figure out the best route to cover them in four weeks. In many cases, we can visit several in one day due to the proximity of the county seat. For example, here in the metropolitan area there are nine. I will need to get a permit from each municipio if I want to take the rv and take pictures in the main plazas.
Here's the map and some statistics.
Latitude: 27º 49' - 23º 11'º N
Longitude: 98º 26' - 101º 14'º O
Maximum Altitude: Cerro El Morro (3,710 meters) 12,170 feet
Highways: 3,912 Kms

Speaking of maps, I have made contact with a Mexican map company and am thinking about selling maps of Mexico; state, highway and atlas. I'm just not sure if enough people would be interested in it to make it worth my while. What do you think? Answer the poll question at the top.

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