Sunday, June 15, 2008

Feliz Día del Padre! Happy Father's Day!

What a great day to celebrate. Here is to all the fathers around the world, have a Happy Father's Day! I have lots of brothers, brother-in-laws, nephews and nephews-in-law who are great dads and they have done a wonderful job of raising their kids. They are also good providers and fun to be around when we have family reunions. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Can you identify this animal?

This picture was taken about four years ago at the very top of Cerro de la Silla (Saddleback Mountain) by a friend who is an avid hiker. He had been on an all day hike up the mountain when fog rolled in. I haven't found anything on this critter. If you have any clues, pls post a comment or send me an email.

Today we will have a party here at the quinta for friends and family to celebrate Día del Padre with a pool party and carne asada.

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  1. That sure looks like what we call a Coatimundi although his hair is longer than the ones here, but then it is colder up there. They are very common in the tropics, I don't know what their northern range is.

    I'm really enjoying your blog, good work!