Friday, June 27, 2008

Long Live The Alamo - San Antonio, TX

On the road to San Antonio this morning. It is 5:30 a.m. and we should be on the pavement by 6 a.m. Sunny skies and hot today so better to get a head start. This is a quick two-day run as we need to be back here on Sunday afternoon. The Funfinder won't be going on this trip, not enough time and too much trouble crossing into the U.S. to make worthwhile.

I will be posting this afternoon on the road conditions as well as border crossing. I haven't been for almost a year and will see what the passport and visa situation is.

Last evening I washed and waxed the car, cleaned the pool and will cover it now until we get back to reduce the amount of water evaporation.

Here In San Antonio

Made it here around 1:30 this afternoon. The ride was great. We stopped along the way between Monterrey and Laredo to buy our U.S. insurance and to get a bite to eat.

The rest stop is huge. It has a Domino's, Subway, Mexican food buffet and a Church's chicken. There is a gas station and a Circle K convenience store and a new hotel. We bought our insurance, $18 (u.s.) for the weekend and then looked for some breakfast tacos. We know this place well and the food is expensive. It's the only game in town. An order of quesadillas and beans was 60 pesos. We left. As we got in the car the manager came out and asked us why we didn't stay. I told him it was too expensive for what it was. Mostly business travelers eat there and the company pays or vacationers. We aren't either. So off we went, paid for the autopista and continued on. The road is in excellent condition and worth the 178 pesos including road insurance.As we got close to the border we stopped to fill up and found a taco stand. You can see the pump price of 7.53 pesos. The gas attendant said they have been busy with scalpers coming from the U.S. buying 300 gallons three or four times a day and selling it on the U.S. side at double or more the price for diesel. Sickening. It costs Mexican tax payers a lot to subsidize the diesel fuel.We bought tacos from this taco stand and ate them in the car.
At the Colombia Bridge, I went into to Mexican Immigration to ask for my exit visa for the weekend. To my surprise was my friend Pilar who is an immigration agent. I know her from the office in Monterrey. I used to teach one of the delegates, Dr. Sada Tamez who later transferred to Cancun. We chatted for awhile and her boss, Gabi came out to have their picture taken. Pilar will be stationed at the border for the next two months. Agents from the home office in Monterrey report to the border for shift duty. She is staying with a friend's family in Anahuac which is a town nearby. I always encourage folks to use this bridge.

Taking the I-35 South, just North of Laredo is the Texas Toll 255 which takes you directly to the bridge. Using this bridge (which belongs to Nuevo Leon) takes you around both Laredo, TX and Nuevo Laredo, Tamps saving you time, trouble and hassles. Trust me on this one.For all the bad rap Mexico gets, you will walk away with a different attitude crossing in Columbia with our nice people from Nuevo Leon. Viva Los Regios!


  1. I am greatly enjoying your site. y fiance and I will be traveling from Maryland to Guadalupe in Monterrey in December. Actually, moving there. He is from Veracruz and has family in Monterrey. I have a question, perhaps you can help. Where should we cross the boarder? Time is not an issue, safety and well traveled roads is. It has been 10 years since he has been there and we hope you can give some advise.

  2. I'll be posting pictures of the Columbia Bridge crossing in Laredo, TX. with instructions. It is easy fast and the bridge belongs to Nuevo Leon. Wonderful immigration officers who will gladly help you. You will love Monterrey.

  3. Thank you very much! It is very much appreciated!