Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Errands
Got up early this morning and headed in to El Cercado for tacos at Mundo's. Delicious, two jalapeño de queso, one picadillo, one, desebrada, and one huevo con chorizo.

After that I went south to Allende. I hadn't been there all week and wanted to see if they had installed the electric meter. Big disappointment. I'll have to go to the CFE on Monday. They told me last week they had a shortage of 22oV meters, so maybe that was the problem. As they say, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil". Looks like I'll be squeaky on Monday.

I headed back to El Cercado and saw the house below for sale on the mountain. Never hurts to look around and this is a nice place. It has a view of the mountains as well as the lake. The house is 350 mts construction and 3000 mts of land. Asking price is 2.5 million pesos but it has been for sale for quite some time so there is always room for negotiation. Great retirement get away. The worker lives there by himself, has the run of the place plus he gets a 1200 pesos a week. Sign me up!

I also have had a headlight problem for the last month. First, the light was loose, so I would jiggle it in the mornings. That worked for awhile, then it burned the socket. I put that off for the last week as I only drive in the dark in the morning and there is no traffic. Today I found a mecanico electrico in El Cercado. What do you think this project cost me considering the dealer said I would have to replace the whole wiring harness? 80 pesos for parts and labor. Granted, this guy isn't running a spic and span workshop but it did the job.After that I went around the corner to our Subway/Church's/Domino's Pizza and used a 2 for 1 coupon and got two 15cm subs and a tea. Which I will enjoy right now if you'll excuse me.
Remember, "in the end, only kindness matters".

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