Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Electricity Is Done

living.boondockingmexico@yahoo.comToday I met René the electritian at the place in Allende. He checked the install, the trailer and all of its components. Then, we hit the switch. I am proud to say that everything is working. Here is René checking the rv box in the back of the trailer.
While I was waiting, I took a couple of shots inside the trailer. Keep in mind I haven't done anything to it yet. It needs a thorough cleaning and the carpets need to be cleaned also. When I make the big move I will probably change out some of the furniture.

You can also see the view from the front of the place. It is going to be nice sitting out on the deck watching the mountains and changes that take place from day to day.After we settled accounts, I went to the CFE (Comision Federal de Electricidad) and inquired about the contract. It will cost 389 pesos for the contract and will take about seven days for the meter to be installed. René assured me that once I make the contract he can call and get it done right away. Hey, it's great to have contacts.

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