Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gente Morosa
This is what happens in small towns when people don't pay their debts or pay with a bad check. They post the names, quantities owed and copies of the checks for all to see. Try and get away with it again and it won't happen. As you can see by the sign, some people have already paid so their checks are covered up. Eliminates all this mess of filing a police report, small claims court, lawsuits. As we say in Mexico, paga lo que debes, pay what you owe.

I went to the CFE and the contract is set. They should be installing the meter in the next three days. I thought I had to pay up front but the contract cost will appear on my first bill.

Kitten Update

Missy the cat is gaining a little weight and not so bony. She also came in the house this morning and found the litter box. She is now house trained. Wow, that was fast.

Posting Pictures

I realize I keep posting mountain views from around the area. You can't help but not like mountains. If you have a picture from the area where you live, send it to me and I will be glad to post it here. You may also be able to add it into the comments button below. Here are some more. I said yesterday that you can see Cerro de la Silla (Saddleback Mountain) from my house 20 miles South. Here it is. Rising Food Prices?

Using the link to the right for Who's Who in Food Prices, I keep checking basic food stuffs such as milk, eggs, rice, beans, tortillas, pastas, and I see very little change in prices. Some stores have raised prices without a doubt.

Keeping ahead of the game, one needs to do like we did when I was a kid. We sat down, made a grocery list and checked store ads to see who had the best prices. I think we have gotten away from that. Isn't that strange considering we are living in a consumer age? Also, with all the globalization, in-store produce has also gone global and we now have access to just about everything any time of year. So the key here is to eat in season and buy as much local as you can. Again, this requires doing your homework, but if you live in Mexico the link on the right will get you there. Government stores still have some very good prices such as ISSTE markets which are now open to the public. Take advantage of them while they last.

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